Any organization, whether great or small can benefit from employee appreciation week. Setting aside time to recognize your staff shows that you notice their efforts and appreciate what they do to enable the achievement of company goals. However, making employees feel appreciated does not have to be expensive, it can be as simple as a regular thank you for work well done or a voucher to their favorite restaurant. What are some of the employee appreciation week ideas that companies can employ? Let's learn together.

Work-focused ideas

  1. Invite education speakers. This will not only expose employees to new ideas but also entertain them.
  2. Let employees select training that is related to their work.
  3. Allow employees to access executive offices. This will enable them to share ideas with the executives and ask any questions they might have.
  4. Fulfill initiative promises. During the appreciation week, implement an initiative you have been promising such as buying new laptops or overhaul the office with new chairs and workstations.
  5. Encourage creativity. Spare time for the employees to work on their personal projects.
  6. More time for the lunch break or a half day off.

Personal Wellness

  1. Invite chiropractors or massage therapists to the company to give spa treatment to the employees.
  2. Provide to the employees free yoga or any other exercises.
  3. Offer guided meditation to the employees. This will certainly relax them.
  4. Provide fitness tracking. This will encourage employees to live healthy while assuring them of your care.
  5. Cater for their breakfast or lunch during one or a few days of the employee appreciation week.

Employee recognition on the appreciation week

  1. Recognize employees publicly. You can do it at a team meeting or by posting recognition on company's notice board.
  2. Use social media to recognize your staff for all to see.
  3. Host an award ceremony at the office. This can recognize best employees in various departments.
  4. Get the views of employees on rewards. The week poses the right time to ask employees about ideas and improvements they have on rewards and recognition.
  5. Say thank you in personalized way by sending employees hand-made thank you notes.

Offer treats

  1. Hold live entertainment or provide tickets to such occasions.
  2. Give your employees higher quality kitchen treats on this week than what they normally get. This can surely uplift their spirits.
  3. Subscription gifts such as snack subscriptions or cheese samplers can form a continuous show of appreciation to the employees. Have options so that employees can choose what they like.
  4. Give bonuses. Employees will always appreciate cash rewards and bonuses. Just make sure the amount is sizable not to seem like an insult.

Creative monetary rewards

  1. Offer employees random lottery tickets. This will make them feel appreciated, and they may also get lucky to improve their lives.
  2. Provide to best employees gift cards to favorite stores.
  3. Create a reward system where employees can earn tickets which they can redeem later.
  4. Offer them a voucher for services such as house cleaning or a professional car wash.
  5. Gift cards to local coffee shop. This is an inexpensive employee appreciation week idea.

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