Find out the fundamental skills and qualities that a security officer needs to effectively perform duties.

4 fundamental security officer skills and qualities

Security guards are the people who keep us and our property safe. They ensure to prevent any harm from reaching us at all times. Whether he or she works at our residential places or public places the security guard’s job is an all-important one and we should respect them at all times. With this, it is always important that when security firms hire potential guards or when we ourselves hire guards that we should ensure we pick the best personnel by examining if they have the crucial skills. These skills include good communication skills, problem solver, attention to detail and decision making.

Good Communication Skills

Being a guard it means you will always be in a position of constant communication with the people you will come across with. You will be required to communicate either verbally or in written form. Whichever way you choose to communicate, ensure you do so in the required manner. When communicating verbally, ensure you do so in a clear and positive voice. Ensure you communicate in a manner that does not bring confusion. When writing, adhere to good grammar, proper punctuation, clarity and above all readable handwriting.

Problem solver

As a security guard you will find yourself in very serious situation that will require you to solve. You need to be able to identify the potential problems, analyze them and then come up with workable solutions. You need not rush to solve a problem without understanding the root cause of it. If you do this you will find yourself making erroneous acts that can lead to serious security risks.

Attention to detail

A good security guard should always be alert and have a good attention to detail. You should be alert to all times to ensure that all potential security threats are thwarted. You should be in a position to decipher threats and prioritize them at all times. Ensure that all security posts are manned at all times and that all persons entering and exiting are screen fully. This will lower the chances of any potential threat to a bare minimum.

Decision making

As a security guard you will find yourself in a position that you will be required to make decisions. You need to be very sharp at your decision making and be able to think on your feet. Before making a decision, ensure that you have analyzed all factors in play as this will prevent you from making security blunders.

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