Find out what is contained in a phone skills training program to ensure trainees acquire the relevant skills.

Contents of the phone skills training program

For a business that depends on phone communication to retain and grow its client base, it is essential for its employees to hone their phone skills. This has led to many companies offering phone training programs to their employees to harness their skills. To be effective, the training program should focus on areas such as how to greet a customer, how to answer the phone in a professional manner, phone etiquette, listening and speaking skills.

Contents of the phone training program

How to answer the phone professionally

The training covers aspects such as smiling when greeting the person on the other end, what to include when greeting a customer such as the company’s name, your name, and offer of assistance. 

How to greet a customer

The participants are trained on the way to greet a customer when making calls. It covers areas such as how you begin a call conversation since this determines if it will be a good call or a bad and frustrating call. If it is a call you are handling for the first time always ensure you start by identifying yourself and if possible great the other person. You can say “Good afternoon, Thank you for calling my name is James” or “You are speaking to June, How I may assist you.” This will set a good tone for the conversation to proceed.

Phone etiquette

Phone etiquette is essential in a phone conversation, and it is covered in phone skills training. The participants are trained on etiquette issues such as picking up or making a phone call when in a very quiet place and avoiding any distractions like eating or talking to someone while handling a call. This is an indication to the other person that you are not interested in the conversation. Also to ensure that they have loaded enough talk time or the battery is fully charged to avoid the inconveniences of having to deal with the call getting disconnected unnecessarily.

Speaking skills

Speaking skills are essential in phone conversations. When speaking over the phone, it is imperative to speak in the right way. Ensure to use the use a very clear, attentive and positive tone and clear enunciation. Try to ensure that your intonation and pitch is consistent all through the call conversation. Do not speak too fast or too slow to the point that the caller does not understand what you are saying. Try to respond in a manner that shows the other person that you are attentive and that you are willing to assist. Restrain yourself from responding rudely to the other person even if you feel he or she is rude. Ensure that each aspect of the conversation is maintained throughout the conversation.

Listening abilities

Active listening is one of the essential phone skills that are included in the phone skills training program. It means you are interested in what the other person is saying. If you listen, you will be able to ask questions, seek clarification and offer a workable solution.

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