Learn new useful resume phrases that will help you stand out from the crowd when seeking that dream job.

Communication skills: 30 useful resume phrases

Communication is the backbone of every organization, and without it, it is impossible to inter-relate.  Every company wants to hire people who know the value of communicating freely and openly.  Your resume is the only key that showcases your excellence in communication skills only if you reflect it the right way.  You will have to learn communication phrases that directly reflect your skills.  By using the most useful communication phrases is the only way that the employer will get interested in meeting and interviewing you.  You can get some ideas of those phrases here. 

Useful communication phrases in a resume

  • Ability to get along with other co-workers.
  • A good listener with an exceptional ability to comprehend instructions given and pay keen attention to details.
  • Have strong persuasive and convincing skills.
  • Possesses an excellent negotiating power in my sales career
  • Able to explain and communicate things clearly
  • Proficient at taking instructions and strictly following them.
  • Have an excellent track record of understanding and addressing the client's needs according to their preferences.
  • Highly proficient in inspiring and mentoring workers under me to enhance greater productivity.
  • Highly efficient in leadership qualities with an ability to accommodate my team.
  • Provides quick and constructive feedback to all parties involved
  • Listens attentively to everyone in my line of business
  • Have the potential to speak confidently both in private and public settings.
  • Effectively negotiates situations to bring them to a considerable ending.
  • Demonstrated ability to meet and greet customers and offer fast responses to their queries.
  • Highly efficient in mediating and intervening between two parties when the need arises.
  • Unmatched networking skills plus the ability to maintain functional long term business relations with clients and customers.
  • Ability to start and facilitate the communication process.
  • Outstanding phone etiquette to serve customers and answer their queries.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Possesses excellent presentation and negotiation skills.
  • Highly confident and experienced in professional speaking and very articulate.
  • Empathic listener and a highly persuasive speaker.
  • A creative writer, thinker, and speaker.
  • Ability to issue instructions in a coherent manner to ensure the recipient well understands them.
  • High level of tolerance and easy-going personality.
  • Outstanding Coordinator in matters of more than one party to help them reach a consensus.
  • Adept at actually using the conflict resolution strategies as and when needed. 
  • Optimistic communication in every situation.
  • Clear voice with average tone that speaks with clarity

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