Learn about the critical technical skills that a business analyst needs for the best performance

6 critical technical skills needed for business analyst

A business analyst is tasked with analyzing the business and coming up with solutions to various issues. While a business analyst needs skills such as communication, problem-solving and analytical skills, it is also essential to have technical skills for the smooth execution of duties. A background in Information Technology is usually preferred since most of the tasks require technical understanding.

However, while some roles may require a business analyst to possess technical skills, others may only require the understanding of the technical jargon. For instance, one employer may prefer a business analyst with programming knowledge while another may need an analyst who understands programming. Before applying for that business analyst position, find out which technical skills employer requires.

Below are some of the critical technical skills that a business analyst requires.

Relevant information technology skills

Information technology skills are usually a basic requirement for the post of a business analyst. While the specific qualifications may vary with the needs of a client, knowledge of programming, servers, SQL Queries, Database concepts and software is preferred. This enables the business analyst understands the working of the software systems in the business to make communication with the team implementing much easier.


A business analyst should have knowledge of excel since it is needed in the analysis process. The application uses formulas that can be used to analyze data and also compute what ifs, probability, and summation among others.


Programming skills come in handy if the project requires coding. The knowledge can be used to automate work and solving issues while doing business analysis. While some employers seek business analysts with the skill, others are comfortable hiring someone who understands it and does not need to do the actual coding.

Market research

Market research is an essential task for a business analyst in the process of understanding the market, a production method or efficiency of marketing activities depending on the needs of the organization. Therefore, the analyst should have market research skills necessary to conduct research.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office has applications such as MS Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. A business analyst should know how to use the apps to make it easier for them to perform their duties. Microsoft Access is essential for database management, PowerPoint for making presentations, Excel for formulas and Microsoft Word for creating documents. Microsoft office also contains other applications that are essential for a business analyst.

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is an application used in project management. Since business analysts deal with various projects, the application can come in handy.

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