Find out the top comments that you can use to appraise team skills of your employees effectively.

25 appraisal comments on team skills

Teamwork is an essential aspect of every organization. Hence, it is important to assess and appraise team skills regularly to understand how the human capital is doing regarding teamwork. However, it is quintessential to have the right words/phrases to assess your employees. Below are the examples of comments related to team skills:

Exceptional skills

  • Harnesses a team-building attitude within the employees. Always willing to help others in the team.
  • Have excellent team skills - From their appointment as the department leader they have formed a cohesive team with outstanding results.
  • Colleagues feel comfortable talking to the employee. Your readiness to assist and listen is exemplary.
  • Resolves conflicts in a logical and a rational manner - You do not let emotions to cloud your decision making when dealing with conflicts.
  • Has high capability to create a team - oriented environment.

Excellent team skills

  • Can cultivate a winning attitude among the employees
  • Focuses on goal achievement and they are able to influence their employees towards the same.
  • Ensures that all the members of the team feel as part of the team.
  • Initiates assignments and projects that encourage teamwork among his employees.
  • Utilizes a team approach to leverage on the different talents within the team.


  • Is a good team player.
  • Is effective in bonding the team members together.
  • Creates highly functional teams.
  • Sets acceptable high expectations for the team.
  • Persists on the importance of having a team-oriented culture in the departments and the entire organization.

Fails to meet expectations occasionally

  • Makes certain comments publicly that lead to conflicts within the employees.
  • Does not uphold teamwork and expresses a similar attitude to the employees.
  • Lacks the capability of differentiating between proper competition and conflict- He is often involved in heated arguments with employees.
  • Fails to find solutions for conflicts that arise among the employees.
  • Has the tendency of providing preferential treatment, which whacks team building efforts.


  • Does not recognize teamwork at all.
  • Has been reported to engage in actions that have led to the splintering of a once cohesive team.
  • Has a behavior of consistently alienating himself from the team.
  • Fails to cooperate with others in the group- He has severally failed to participate in group tasks.
  • Consistently focuses on her interests rather than for the entire team.

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