Employment performance review is something most employees dread to face. Five factors make up performance review; they are: Poor, Needs Improvement, Meets Requirement, Exceeds Requirements and Outstanding. Every element should be by the return comment that will rate the support given.

A sample of an Employee performance review

Work Product

This is the report on the quantity and quality of work produced by the particular employee. The review include:


  • Excellent levels of accuracy
  • Less than 1% error rate on work created
  • Good quality and quantity of work produced

Exceeds Requirements:

  • Strives to improve job performance while taking pride in their work
  • Both managers and co-workers have commented on the high levels of productivity and accuracy.
  • All reports, forms, memos and correspond should be on time without any errors.

Meets Requirements:

  • All paperwork and forms should be completed without any mistakes.
  • Works well without supervision
  • All work should be complete on time and error rate is very low.

Needs Improvement:

  • Miss small errors in work product
  • Careless in checking work product for errors
  • Required paperwork is completed late or only partially completed.


  • The quality of work produced is unacceptable
  • Makes frequent errors that are harmful to business operations
  • The department heads receive numerous complaints about the quality of your work


Means you are where you should be doing that which you are supposed to be doing, no lazing around.


  • No unscheduled absences during the rating period
  • Never misses work without a prior approved and appropriate notification
  • Always at work and on time

Exceeds Requirements

  • Can be counted on always to work overtime without complaint
  • Ensures work area is covered at all times
  • Consistently arrives to work on time.

Needs Improvement

  • Occasionally leaves work early without completing the day's work
  • Does not report to work most times even without approval or notification
  • Arrives at work late most times


  • Frequently leaves work early
  • Leaves work area unattended to run personal errands


Means that you are great at working with other people.


  • Always enthusiastic, energetic and displays positive behavior
  • Cordial and willing to help co-workers and customers

Exceeds requirements

  • Direct, straightforward, honest and polite
  • Takes individual success as imperative group success demonstrating a great team player spirit

Meets requirements

  • Maintains a good working relationship with fellow workers
  • Able to answer customer questions

Needs Improvement

  • Rarely offers help to others in the office
  • Openly displays a negativity when working with others.
  • Displays a lack of interest in the work availed


  • Is extremely harmful and criticizes others who work together.
  • Not cooperative at all
  • Has damaged relationship with co-workers

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