The best employee in your firm are the most engaged employees. They feel respected and come to work with morale. An employee engagement action plan template is an efficient way to improve engagement of your employee and increase the level of performance. An Action plan template has a positive impact on the workplace. An Employee engagement action plan can be created or downloaded and manipulated according to the firm needs.

Employee engagement action plans template items

Action planning always has an impact on an organization. Here is how a real action plan should look like. The items have Phrases added to act as a guide of what is expected.

Action plan

The survey question: for example, the firm has a tendency of recognizing the contribution of employees

Name of the work unit: the unit yyy

The objective of the engagement: to reduce the turnover of the employees and increase their engagement.

Supervisor/ Manager name: Dr xxx

Rationale: team y feel undervalued, and this is the principle for a healthy work environment.


The plan

What will be done: as the employees how they would like to be appreciated, create teams that will focus on the survey item, investigate the existing employees reward history and inform the HR of the rules used.

Who are the people to be responsible: the team managers, department managers, and the HR

The time frame: the managers to present the proposed plan to the teams after two weeks. The team manager always to give an update during the meetings.

Analyzing the success: we have put in the reward programs, the high productive employees are to be awarded.

Measuring the success: this is how we will determine success; the reduction of absenteeism and increase in the engagement of the employee in the next survey.  


First Review

The date: we will review the progress on date dd/mm/yyyy

The progress: the HR has rewarded the high performing employee. Reduction in the turnover is recorded.

Comments from the HR/Manager: high productivity in the firm. Highly recommend the team.


Second review 

The date: the second review of the progress will be two months after the first examination.

The progress: this is the progress made; no absenteeism, high performance by the employees.

Objective met: the turnover rate is minimum, and employees are fully engaged.

Comments: Thank you for your cooperation.


The primary objective of a firm is to create an Employee engagement action plan template that values the employee and produce a working environment that supports the level of staff engagement.


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