Negotiation Skills: Use these sample phrases to craft meaningful performance evaluations, drive change and motivate your workforce.

Negotiation Skills are a deliberative process by which people settle their differences through an acceptable agreement to both parties to co-exist without argument and dispute in the workplace.

Negotiation Skills: Exceeds Expectations Phrases

  • Knows when to walk away from the current deal and make another deal.
  • Always takes charge of the negotiation process and directs it in the manner that will achieve results.
  • Engages the other party in a nice way that builds rapport and makes the other person relaxed and comfortable.
  • Listens actively and keenly to the other negotiation parties to understand their perspective.
  • Always asks good and relevant questions that will help seal a deal.
  • Raises relevant issues that seem to be a stumbling block to the negotiation process.
  • Seeks for clarification from the other negotiating parties on issues not well understood.
  • Knows how to present issues in a clear and concise manner that is well understood by all parties.
  • Strives to come up with a win-win solution that will benefit all parties.
  • Shows great confidence and composure while negotiating with other people on issues.

Negotiation Skills: Meets Expectations Phrases

  • Shows commitment to the negotiation process and ensures that a deal is brokered in the end.
  • Exudes a great wealth of knowledge and present concrete facts while negotiating.
  • Strives to influence the outcome of any negotiation process positively.
  • Shows great skills and abilities when it comes to wrapping up deals.
  • Puts views and opinions in a non-confrontational manner and keeps cool when things get out of hand.
  • Keeps an open mindset during a negotiation process so ensure that an acceptable solution is arrived at.
  • Is assertive when presenting views and ideas and seeks to make people understand what the key points are.
  • Uses great verbal communication abilities to try to pass ideas across in a clear manner.
  • Acts soberly when a difficult situation arises during the negotiation process.
  • Shows willingness to compromise when the deal seems not to be going through for the interest of parties involved.

Negotiation Skills: Needs Improvement Phrases

  • Does not act soberly when the negotiation process hits a dead end and tends to lash out when it goes wrong.
  • Not willing to compromise during the negotiation process to achieve a win-win solution.
  • Does not prepare well before negotiation process and uses outdated facts and figures.
  • Allows the negotiation process to go on without seeking any form of clarification on issues not well understood.
  • Keeps interrupting when the other parties are trying to put their points across.
  • Finds it difficult to put points across in a clear and understandable manner.
  • Does not take charge of the negotiation process and allows it t go out of hand.
  • Does not exude any form of confidence and composure when putting points across.
  • Finds it difficult to build rapport with the negotiating parties and does not engage well with others.
  • Does not implement the agreed aspects of the negotiation and interferes with the negotiation outcome.

Negotiation Skills: Self Evaluation Questions

  • How well can you rate your negotiation skills? Explain your answer.
  • Give an instance that you managed to negotiate on something. What was the result?
  • Have you ever been involved in any negotiation process? What did you learn from it?
  • Have you ever compromised to help reach an acceptable solution?
  • When negotiating how well do you take charge of the process?
  • Explain an instance that you hit a dead-end in a negotiation process. What did you do to reach a conclusion?
  • Have you ever lost your temper while negotiating with someone and what was the outcome?
  • Have the results of any negotiation process gone against your expectations?
  • Describe your best and worst moments of any negotiation process you have been part of?
  • Have you ever backed out of negotiation process and what was the outcome?

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