Office Politics: Use these examples for setting employee performance goals. Help your employees master this skill with 5 fresh ideas that drive change.

Office Politics is a tool that assesses the operational capacity to balance diverse views of the interested parties of the human interactions that involve power and authority.

Office Politics: Set Goals for your Employees. Here are some examples:

  • Be nice to people and cordial in order to get information about what is happening around the office politics
  • Take a deep breath and stay calm when someone crosses one's lines in order to think of a way to react smartly
  • Be clear, concise and keep to the point when delivering information to other employees in order to avoid future disputes and office politics
  • Try and focus own efforts in own work instead of worrying about other employees and what they are doing
  • Take the time to evaluate information in order to avoid acting stupidly or causing an argument that was not meant to be caused
  • Resolve to talking to a colleague in person if one senses accusations, anger, and frustrations in an email or any other digital message
  • Prepare a go-to escape phrase, like "Sorry, I don't feel very chatty today", when a colleague starts a conversation that isn't productive
  • Be helpful and supportive to colleagues in order to win their trust and loyalty and avoid being a victim of political intrigue
  • Avoid exposing other employees' secrets in order to maintain their trust and respect
  • Handle own day to day tasks, alert others of any problems, and admit the mistakes one has made

Office Politics: Improve and master this core skill with these ideas

  • Set the standard. Be very straightforward in setting standards that are standard for every employee in the workplace. Set values that will lead every employee in respecting each other and the company at large. This will be the foundations of how employees treat each other.
  • Confront office politics directly. Office politics can be very messy especially if not properly settled. Carefully face the policy from the roots to ensure they don't resurface again.
  • Don't worry too much but rather act. Office politics are a natural part of any room as long as nobody gets hurt in the process. Don't worry too much about it rather handle it with accuracy and wisdom without any favoritism? When people get hurt and try to make others look bad, take precise action and ensure it ends with both employees reconciled. Act very wisely when solving any ugly office politics and do so fast before they escalate to new heights.
  • Be curious and mindful. Do not jump to conclusions that make no sense rather make a curious and aware stance to solve any issues. Ask questions that reveal more information and listen attentively to both parties without making any judgment. Once you understand the problems and concerns, address them according to the policies and regulations of the company that governs such issues. This will make it fair for everyone!
  • Be transparent when carrying out any communication. Be honest about any fact that the employees share with you without hiding some details that require openness. If two parties are aggrieved and you are the arbitrator, then be very honest with both sides until you can reach an amicable solution that is fair for both sides. Always carry out every conversation in a transparent manner.

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