Find out the best questions and answers to use in an employee attitude survey questionnaire.

Employee attitude survey questionnaire sample

Employee attitude survey is a significant undertaking in any organization. It assesses the commitment of the workers to their jobs and the organization. Furthermore, it provides insights into the effect of the working atmosphere on the employees’ attitudes. To ensure the exercise is a success, you need to select the right questions. The questions can vary based on the objectives of the survey but ensure that you have 360 –degree instrument that assesses all aspects of employees’ attitudes. Below is an employee attitude survey questionnaire sample:

Need for training and development

  • For the time you have been working here, have you asked for training?
  • When you requested the training, did you receive it?
  • Could you work better if you got some additional training?
  • Have the organization’s training program helped you in doing your job?
  • Do you feel encouraged to develop your career and knowledge?

Job knowledge and resources

  • Do you think you have the right tools and equipment to carry out your job responsibilities?
  • Are there things that you feel if you had them they would enable you to deliver better?
  • While at work are can you access all the information you need to get the job done?
  • Are you well acquainted with the mission statement of the organization?
  • Do you know what your job entails on a daily basis?


  • When change is about to happen, are you consulted?
  • How do you perceive the communication between you and the supervisor?
  • Were you allowed to change the communication channels between the managerial team and the staff, what would you change?
  • Are you involved in decision making that pertains to your job?
  • Do managers have an open communication channel with the subordinates?

Employee recognition and appreciation

  • Do you feel that your work is appreciated?
  • Is the money you are paid equivalent to your job responsibilities?
  • If you were to add more benefits to your allowance package, which could they be?
  • Do you think the organization cares about you as an individual?
  • Does the management allow you to take some time to explore life outside of work?

Commitment to the organization

  • Would you recommend the organization to others?
  • Do you feel motivated to work in the organization?
  • Would you recommend the services/goods of the organization to buyers?
  • Would give three benefits of working in the organization?
  • What do you love about your workstation?

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