Learn how to use the top best evaluation phrases to motivate employees to become better communicators.

Top 30 employee evaluation phrases: Communication

In any working environment, communication is highly important and necessary for the smooth running of the daily activities. Whether verbal, online or written communication, it is crucial to use it effectively to drive the point home. Effective communication at the workplace brings in a positive atmosphere to each employee. Employee communication evaluation is very imperative in reviewing each employee's ability to communicate effectively. The annual performance review should reflect how each worker has been interacting with both the seniors and the juniors. It should be a reflection of both the best and worst areas in a worker's communication. The employer should always strive to give positive feedback even to areas that are looking weak to motivate the employee to do better.

Employee evaluation phrases in communication

  • Effectively communicates both upward and downward
  • Excels in facilitating group discussions
  • Keeps meetings well facilitated
  • Effectively communicates expectations
  • Enforces the company values and policies without creating negative reactions.
  • Effective in both written and verbal communication
  • Have sufficient skills but requires to improve on speaking up
  • Great at communicating difficult messages with customers, management and employees.
  • Must improve in foreign language skills to stay competitive in the marketplace.
  • Highly experienced in communicating with difficult employees and customers.
  • Openly creates an honest and authentic environment for the employees under his supervision.
  • Requires much improvement in documenting verbal communication for future records.
  • Has a rare, valuable skill of communicating difficult concepts in an easily understandable language.
  • Communicates frequently on every project status
  • Holds too many meetings without an agenda need to learn to hold fewer meetings with a focused agenda.
  • His communication lacks credibility, not many of his co-workers trust him.
  • Follows up effectively on our customers managing to keep 90%.
  • Ability to communicate even the worst news without being carried away.
  • Composed in every matter providing reliable information.
  • Communicates with a great attitude that is friendly and open to others.
  • Communicates effectively thus creating lasting relationships.
  • Confidence to communicate effectively hinders effectiveness in must increase in personal confidence to be effective.
  • Highly able to bring consensus among his team members
  • Communicates clearly on expectations and deadlines.
  • Conveys a positive message to all our customers, management, and co-workers
  • Personal communication on one on one basis bears much fruit for the company.
  • Ability to communicate with a clear audible voice
  • Is a good example of walking out the talk by delivering within the set deadlines
  • Appreciates diversity by learning new languages to reach out to different customers.

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