Employee engagement team names. Top ideas
In a large organization with many employees, a human resource (HR) is required to keep the employee engaged. The top HR priorities in society are to attract, retain and develop the employees. To make this happen Employee engagement team names should make sense. The teams are to be subjected to different tasks that keep them engaged to meet the productivity of the organization. Employee engagement team names is a perfect way to run a happy and a productive office. Here are top ideas of the names that will keep the employee engaged.

The high achieving employees at the workplace.

  1. The A team- the priority employees.  
  2. The best of the best- professionals
  3. The Dream team- a group of employees that you want everyone to emulate.
  4. Quality control- high achieving employees.
  5. The capitalist- the finance and marketing employees. 
  6. Tech geeks- technology and designer employees.
  7. The work bees- always busy employees
  8. Sultans of Sales- marketing and sales employees.
  9. Tech Pirates- workers who can access anything from the internet.
  10. Finance Wizards- large profit making employees.
  11. Gold miners-employees who search and identify deep markets and make more profit.
  12. Fun and friendly team names at the work place.

    • Team hot stuff- a group that deals with real issues that affect the company.
    • The rising stars- a team that is promising in a firm.
    • Miracle workers- try a method first time, and it works.
    • Adventure kings- employees dealing with field activities of the firm.
    • Paper pushers- deal with files and documents.
    • Team bottom line- the last considered crew.
    • Think tank- committee that make a decision.
    • Gadget Gurus- deal with electronics in an organization.

    Names of a group of women in a company.

    • Golden Girls- always wear to the occasion.
    • Dynamite Divas- outstanding ladies.
    • Chicks on fire- sales and marketing ladies
    • Powerpuff girls- brave women.
    • Charlie's Angels- the face of the company.


    Names of men in an organization.

    • The Tycoons- luxury living men.
    • The Company Men- shareholders
    • Corporate Cowboys- men who take risk.
    • White crewmen- employees at the top of the hierarchy in an organization.


    Funny teams names to use in a workplace.

    • The wannabes- the fun making employee.
    • Bean counters- the employee with few responsibilities in a firm.
    • The Spark Plugs- morale building employees.
    • Lucky Charms-draw consumers or investors to the company.
    • Lollygaggers- a group that is always idle.


    Implementing Employee engagement team names is advantageous to the firm. It allows flexibility of the workforce and creates a convenient way to get many projects done.

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