Choosing the best way to recognize your employees is crucial. It does not have to be expensive, but it must make the employees know that the organization appreciates their contribution. There are numerous funny employee recognition award ideas, which you can use to reward your workforce without going overboard. Below is a list of helpful ideas:

Maintain a good book

This involves keeping a book where you record the best deeds of your employees. Both the employer and staff are open to fill in the good works of other employees. These achievements can be personal or work based.

Then, the entries in the book are read aloud during the company’s meetings. It is an inexpensive and exciting idea of recognizing the efforts of employees, which would have gone unnoticed. The most striking thing about it is that it allows employees to appreciate their colleagues and team members.

Align the recognition awards with the employees

It is one thing to recognize employees, and it is quite another to make them feel appreciated. If you want your reward to be impressive, take some time to understand the way each of your employees likes to be recognized. You can then tailor the award to the employee preferences. For instance, award ideas such as geocaching and treasure hunt are some of the funny employee recognition awards ideas.

Initiate a “go-an-extra-mile-program”

This is another funny employee recognition idea, which appreciates the extra efforts employees make beyond the call of duty. How can you carry it out? It is simple; all you have to do is to encourage all employees to take note of best works of their colleagues, who will then nominate them for an award certificate.

Appreciate employees’ passions

Every employee has different passions. You can recognize their passions by allowing them a few hours to participate in projects they are passionate about. Through this platform, employees can be able to work on projects such as sports and food blogs among others. This funny employee recognition award idea aims at recognizing employees as unique individuals.

Don’t be standard

Employee recognition awards do not have to be stale. Forget the usual pens, gift cards and the like and come up with something, which will not only recognize the employees but they will also make them laugh. For instance, you can adopt a culture where employees are gifted with a caricature that depicts their face. This would be very exciting for any employee.

Attempt random activities of fun

Adopting varying random activities of fun can help to revive the work environment. In this case, you appreciate all the staff and encourage them to improve their productivity. For example, when there is snow, you can participate in a snow hike, and if it is during summer, you can plan for a local run.

Recognize employees’ talents

Although work performance is more important to organizations, they should also appreciate the talents of the employees such as music, sports and others. Offering gifts that will recognize these talents including music instruments and sports attire will be appreciated

Gaming ideas

Gamification can improve employees’ morale and it is fun. There are several games to choose from.

Know employees personally

Learn about your employees without even asking them. Then, send them a recognition note to them.

h2>Award employees regularly

Do not wait until the end of the month to recognize employees. Since there are inexpensive funny employee recognition award ideas; you can make it a daily or weekly routine.

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