Ethical Behavior: Use these sample phrases to craft meaningful performance evaluations, drive change and motivate your workforce.

Ethical Behavior is acting in policies that are consistent with what the society and individuals typically think are good morals or values.

Ethical Behavior: Exceeds Expectations Phrases

  • Insists on the importance of giving fair treatment to all the employees
  • Holds a solid reputation for being an equitable leader who treats everyone with respect
  • Always straight forward in all the projects handled without any dubious acts
  • Consistently completes projects based on honest data gathering and analysis
  • Highly regarded as entirely credible by all who work together
  • Widely respected for being accountable to the managers and coworkers
  • Always a 100% trustworthy due to the level of honesty
  • Has made significant changes in policies and programs to eliminate unfair treatment
  • Helps others understand the value of treating others with dignity and respect
  • Listens carefully to employee's concerns and takes corrective actions where warranted

Ethical Behavior: Meets Expectations Phrases

  • Apparently, communicates the standards and expectations regarding ethical behavior in the workplace
  • Trains others on how to work professionally and uphold high standards of co-existing
  • Regards fairness as one of the critical needs in all the decisions made
  • Carries a large amount of expertise on legal guidelines regarding equitable treatment of employees
  • Always ascertains that all the staff are treated fairly without favoritism
  • Has obtained training that specifically focuses on practicing ethical behavior at the workplace
  • Takes quick action to advise employees who engage in unfair treatment
  • Provides ongoing coaching to employees that increase their awareness on the importance of professional treatment in the workplace
  • Educates the employees to keep them acutely aware of the company standards, expectations, and values regarding fairness, honesty, and integrity
  • Has the heart to serve every person regardless of their position in the workplace

Ethical Behavior: Needs Improvement Phrases

  • Has been advised of unfair behavior but continues to repeat them
  • Introduces and implements projects and activities without adequate consideration of others
  • Continues to dishonor the authority even with several given warnings
  • Treats the causes of unfair treatment with prejudice and favoritism
  • Does not consider other people's views when making final decisions
  • Openly play favorites without caring how the rest of the people feel
  • Unconcerned of how unfair treatment often affects the coworkers in belittling them
  • Reprimands and punishes other employees when concerns about inequity are raised
  • Does not allow people to voice their opinions concerning unfair treatment in the office
  • Rationalizes that unfair treatment makes the employees stronger thus uses it more often

Ethical Behavior: Self Evaluation Questions

  • Do you keep your word at all time or do you fail to be honest?
  • Have you acquired a relationship of trust with other co-workers and management?
  • Can you be trusted with confidential information without leaking it out?
  • Are you reliable to lead the team without showing favoritism to some members of the team?
  • Can you be trusted in all you do and say to be honest?
  • Have you fostered an atmosphere of fair treatment in the workplace?
  • Do you give honor where it's due or do you withhold it from those who have done well?
  • Are you willing to make serious sacrifices to keep your commitment to the company?
  • Do you provide honest feedback when asked to give any?
  • Are you most likely to bend the truth to protect yourself?

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