Discover top ideas for preparing an employee recognition bulletin

13 Top ideas for employee recognition bulletin

Employee recognition is acknowledging your employees either individually or as a team for their efforts and accomplishments that support the company's growth. Though very common in organizations around the world, recognition cannot be a one size fits all, a lot of thoughts need to go into what appreciation is to be offered to each worker. By asking your employees how they would like to be appreciated, it gives you ideas on how to recognize them and make them feel well appreciated. The primary purpose of carrying out employee recognition is to let your employees know that they are appreciated for their hard work and conduct. It also portrays the value of which the company holds them. Recognition doesn't have to be costly, but it can be made to matter to them. The idea for any recognition method you use is to create a lasting impact in each one of these employees.

Top ideas for employee recognition

  • Use the company's newsletter to acknowledge an employee or thanking the workers for a job well done.
  • Create a thank you bullet in where both employees and management post an appreciation message to the best employee.
  • Leave a photo of the best employee on the company's notice board for everyone to see her accomplishments.
  • Acknowledge individuals or teams at a board meeting or a company's exclusive event. This recognition significantly used as a source of inspiration for others.
  • Ask other staff to use sticky notes to write one thing they like about the employee being recognized.
  • Give small sincere thank you notes for small tasks handled well, for example, handling a client, leading the meeting or helping out.
  • Send an email 'acknowledging good work and copy the team leaders, the executive director or any other management leaders in your organization.
  • Tell the employee the positive comments you hear from others.
  • Acknowledge new babies, work anniversaries, birthdays and any other significant life events. Do not separate life and work; it makes your employees euphoric.
  • Food has a way of inspiring hearts. Surprise the best team with muffins on the next meeting.
  • Keep gifting spontaneous, a tub of ice cream on a hot Monday afternoon or a box of chocolates for a newlywed could be a surprise gift that will keep them intrigued.
  • Attach a thank you note to an employee's paycheque.
  • Give hour off certificates that you allow accumulating until they make a full day off.

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