Appreciating employees should be the norm in any organization considering that employees who feel appreciated are likely to stay longer with an employer. Also, studies show that employees who are appreciated by their managers or supervisors work harder. Showing employees that you recognize their effort does not need to be expensive. A simple thank you can do wonders in motivating your staff. Many other unique employee appreciation words that work include:


I appreciate the way you consistently do your best.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

Your commitment to the project is unmatched.

We have achieved more thanks to your professionalism.

Your dedication has made a difference in the company.


I appreciate your creativity, and I love the way you perceive things.

We appreciate the way you think innovatively.

Because of your innovativeness we were able to complete the project on time.

The way you recognized and utilized the opportunity ensured our success. Thank you.

Thank you for your powerful ideas that have empowered us to succeed.


Your attitude to work is inspiring. Keep it up.

You have the attitude of a winner.

Thank you for thinking innovatively.

Your attitude of pushing on enabled our success. We appreciate.

You believed you could and did it. Congratulations.


This is definitely above and beyond

You set the bar with these results

Great work, as usual

Excellent job on the report.

Superb work, I didn’t expect it to look this good.

Your commitment to excellence inspires others to perform better.


This portrays your leadership skills in this company. You are truly a role model.

Thank you for portraying an alternative perspective with your vision.

Your capable leadership has brought the department this far. Thank you.

We appreciate your ability to consider other people’s ideas with an open mind. It has promoted respect in the company.

Your initiative and vision have brought success to the company. Thank you.


We are excited that you are on our team. Precisely why we need you.

You are a great team player.

I am lucky to have you as part of the team.

I would like to acknowledge the extra effort you accorded to the team.

Thank you for being a valuable member of the team.

Completing work on time

Thank you for your quick response.

I appreciate your fast turnaround.

Thank you for your timely assistance.

You saved the day. Thank you.

I appreciate your help today.

A well-done job

Thank you, just what I needed.

This is great work, and it doesn’t need any revision.

I appreciate the way you critically looked at the project.

Perfect. Right on the spot.

Good job. You surpassed the deadline as well.

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