Phone Skills: Use these sample phrases to craft meaningful performance evaluations, drive change and motivate your workforce.

Phone Skills are useful to present a professional company image through the telephone to the customers while making them feel well informed and appreciated without necessarily seeing their faces.

Phone Skills: Exceeds Expectations Phrases

  • Always answers telephone calls with a positive, inviting, and enthusiastic tone.
  • Talks in a steady speed rate, not so fast and not so slow.
  • Speaks in a very clear enunciation and is well understood by the other person on the other end.
  • Has a clear knowledge of the audience and does not use complex vocabularies and jargons.
  • Greets the other person on the line with great sincerity and does not sound authentic and artificial.
  • Gives the other person on the line time to ask before responding accordingly.
  • Exhibits excellent listening skills and attentiveness while on the call.
  • Always seeks clarification whenever the other person on the line is not clear.
  • Ends telephone conversations professionally and ensures that the other person on the line is satisfied.
  • Empathizes with other person and try to be as personable as possible.

Phone Skills: Meets Expectations Phrases

  • Takes charge of the telephone conversation when making the call first.
  • Knows how to put the other person on hold and professionally unholds them.
  • Tries to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible before making any telephone call.
  • Speaks with good clarity and uses correct language to address the other person.
  • Jots down key points whenever there is need to write them down for reference purposes.
  • Ensures to do callbacks to give responses and feedback if promised to do so earlier.
  • Avoids any form of distractions before making a telephone call.
  • Mirrors back some of the words spoken by the other person and shows a good attention skill.
  • Always asks the other person on the line if he or she may need any further assistance.
  • Maintains a cool head whenever the person on the line seems arrogant and uncontrollable.

Phone Skills: Needs Improvement Phrases

  • Argues with the other person on the line when insulted or provoked and does not maintain a cool head.
  • Interrupts the other person even before they finish whatever they are saying.
  • Does not take full control of the conversation and allows the conversation to take a different twist.
  • Answers the calls with a negative, low, and unwelcoming tone.
  • Makes telephone calls in a very noisy and distracted environment.
  • Never seeks clarification on issues that are not well clear during the phone conversation.
  • Does not call back or do follow up on issues hence leaving issues unresolved.
  • Puts callers on hold and unholds them in an unprofessional way.
  • Does not jot down points during a phone conversation and hence escalates or gives wrong or misinterpreted information.
  • Uses too much jargon and hard vocabularies hence making the conversation not to flow properly.

Phone Skills: Self Evaluation Questions

  • How well can you rate the way you handle your phone call conversations?
  • How do you handle irate and upset callers during a phone conversation?
  • Give an instance you were called by an irate caller and explain how you handled it?
  • Have you ever interrupted someone while talking over the phone? How did the conversation turn out?
  • Have you ever made a call while drinking or eating? How can you rate the conversation?
  • Give an instance you had to talk to someone on the phone while in a loud place? How well did the conversation go?
  • Do you typically take charge of the phone calls you make and how do you ensure to have everything under control?
  • What is the best solution you have ever given to someone over the phone and was the caller satisfied?
  • Do you usually call back when you promise to do so and have you ever failed to so at any given point?
  • How well do you close conversations and do you feel you leave the callers in a satisfied position?

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