Use this step by step explanation to craft a good employee performance feedback review for an operations coordinator. Find the right words with quality phrases.

An Operations Coordinator is liable for coordinating goods and services to offer customers the best services as required. This position requires one to blend skills in customer services, human resource management, and office administration.

The principal roles of this post include assisting the managers in the data to day activities and management of the business operational activities, monitoring, controlling and managing business operations to meet customer expectations and company goods, liaising between customer and management to ensure smooth operations in delivery, ensuring compliance with the company standards and procedures, building and maintaining strong customer relationship through regular meetings and communications, providing direction and guidance to internal teams to achieve performance targets.

Employee Performance Review Sample

Employee's Name: Title:
Review Period: __/__/__ to __/__/__ Employee SSN:
Work Location: Supervisor's Name:


  1. Rating: Rate the employee against the core skills based on how well he/she demonstrates each skill. Give scores 1, 2, or 3 for each rating depending on the employee's performance.
  2. Comments: Use this area to give examples of employee's performance phrases. The phrases should describe how well an employee has performed on previously set goals based on the given core skill.
  3. Summary: Use this section to give a summary of the employee's strengths and areas for improvement or development. Recommend a step increase for an employee who has met the expectations and performance improvement plans for one who doesn't meet expectations.
  4. Human Resources Review: Human resources manager must examine and indicate whether he/she concurs with the evaluation and comments. If the manager agrees, then he/she must sign the evaluation form. If he/she doesn't concur, then he/she must provide reasons explaining why this is so.
  5. Signatures: Sign the evaluation form and give it to the employee to go through and answer the Self Evaluation Questions. Ask him/her to sign and date the evaluation form before giving it back to the human resources for filing.

Rating Meaning

The employee fails to perform the most important aspects of the job satisfactorily. Requires close guidance to carry out routine jobs. He/she needs significant improvement in all areas. Meetings should be held between the employee and the supervisor to discuss performance deficiencies.


Employee routinely meets and exceeds expectations in all areas of responsibility. Produces high-quality work that at times exceeds expectations. Consistently meets the most critical annual goals. Occasionally produces timely and accurate results.


The employee consistently and significantly exceeds the communicated expectations by producing exceptionally high-quality work. He/she demonstrates exceptional knowledge of his/her duties and is highly recognized by others as an authority in his/her area of work.


Supervisor's Feedback




CUSTOMER ORIENTED: Customer Oriented is a skill that focuses primarily on the client as the King offering quality services that meet the customer's expectations with an aim to inspire people rather than just try to sell their product.

Understands the importance of customer satisfaction and does more than required to ensure customer retention.

Always meets the changing needs of clients by redefining the customer service process.


DIPLOMACY: Diplomacy is the practice of conducting negotiations and influencing decisions and behaviors of different parties through dialogue, negotiation and other mature measures that are short of violence.

Chooses own words carefully; is able to drive one's own point home without offending other employees or sounding bossy

Lets other people finish instead of interrupting them and asks them how they are doing before delivering bad news


MANAGING AT TEAM: Managing is the administration of an organization which includes activities of setting the strategy of an organization and coordinating the efforts of the employees to accomplish its objectives.

Understands and appropriately applies procedures, principles, policies, requirements, and regulations related to specialized expertise

Makes timely, well-informed and effective decisions even when solutions produce unpleasant consequences or data is limited or not available


MANAGING REMOTE TEAMS: Managing Remote Teams is working under no physical supervision from your manager or supervisor while staying on task and communication to report on the daily progress.

Keeps the communication lines open in both directions in order to allow team members to address their thoughts, issues, comments, and questions

Schedules a daily "huddle" where team members share what they did on the previous day, what they are currently working on, and some of the challenges they are facing


MANAGEMENT CONTROL: Management Control is a system that collects and uses the information to evaluate the performance of different organizational resources like the financial, physical and the organization performance as a whole.

Focuses on the development of others rather than personal gain by putting their needs first

Holds personal accountability for mistakes done just like any other employee


MANAGEMENT SKILLS: Management Skills are also known as leadership skills and involve planning, decision making, delegation, time management and time management to ensure optimum organization in focus and the technical of how and why of accomplishing tasks.

Sound management skills leading the team to perform their assignments well

Ability to turn negative energy into positive work energy through motivation and rewarding good work


APPRAISAL AND EVALUATION SKILLS: Appraisal and Evaluation Skills are services that allow employers to assess their employees? contributions to the organization for the period they have been working with them.

Highly proactive and resourceful in creative ways that save difficult situations

Always an excellent team player who cooperates and listens to others


COOPERATION WITH COLLEAGUES: Cooperation is the process of working with groups or teams for a common mutual benefit as opposed to working in competition or for selfish ambition.

Connects easily with everyone at the workplace building a team

Creates an environment of peace among the teammates where each thrives in their capabilities


CUSTOMER SERVICE: Customer Service is the ability to cater for the needs of the client by providing excellent customer service without compromise.

Excels at following up with customers to ensure they are fully satisfied

Always has the right answers to the most difficult questions


MEETING MANAGEMENT: Meeting Management is the skill to know and understands the reason why an official meeting should be held and who should attend.

Invites only the most relevant participants in order to save time and resources

Employs creative approaches of holding meetings such as stand-up meetings and leaves enough room for creativity


Self Evaluation

Self Evaluation Question

Employee Comments


Do you keep customers informed proactively whether formally or informally to ensure they are knowledgeable about the company?

Is there a time you understood a customer's circumstances quickly? What did you do?

[employee comments]

Describe a time when you have been required to use diplomacy to solve a problem at work. How did you go about it?

Is there a time when you have had to analyze a situation or person carefully in order to be effective in guiding your action? How did you go about it?

[employee comments]

Would you rather that your reporting staff respected you or feared you? Why? How would you inspire both reactions from them?

Is there a time when you have been a mentor to another aspiring manager? How did you go about creating that relationship?

[employee comments]

In your opinion, do you find working remotely more effective than the normal office setting or the other way around? Why?

How do you deal with a remote worker who constantly fails to deliver projects on time or delivers work, which is poorly done?

[employee comments]

Have you identified any partner you can work with or become a key stakeholder in the company?

Do you allow employees to seek your advice about matters concerning them both personal and professional?

[employee comments]

How do you organize a department or the team to ensure they perform well?

Do you always have the necessary support to your staff?

[employee comments]

Do you encourage and motivate or do you discourage others?

Do you treat the employees the same even the weak ones?

[employee comments]

Do you cultivate a team spirit through all forms of communication?

Do you deserve a promotion gauging from the work you have done as a team?

[employee comments]

Can you recall of any situations where customers made objections? How did you react?

What efforts are you making to gain more understanding about company products?

[employee comments]

Can you think of a time where you invited unnecessary participants? How did you correct the situation?

What efforts are you making to follow up on meetings and document all the assigned tasks?

[employee comments]


Sections 1-4: To be completed by the supervisor

Section 5: To be completed by the employee

1. Exceeds Job Related Expectations

2. Areas to improve

3. Goals completed since last performance feedback

4. Goals for next period

5. Employee comments


I acknowledge that I discussed this performance feedback with my supervisor. My signature does not mean that I agree or disagree with this appraisal.
Employee: Date:
Supervisor: Date:
Human Resources: Date:

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