Cooperation with colleagues: Use these sample phrases to craft meaningful performance evaluations, drive change and motivate your workforce.

Cooperation is the process of working with groups or teams for a common mutual benefit as opposed to working in competition or for selfish ambition.

Cooperation with colleagues: Exceeds Expectations Phrases

  • Connects easily with everyone at the workplace building a team
  • Understands the value of completing projects as a team instead of alone
  • Always willing to help others when required to finish goals on time
  • Encourages other team members to work together towards a common goal
  • Does not care about personal interests until the job is done and submitted
  • Works well with management, co-workers, and team members to ensure accomplishment of set goals
  • A great team player example for others team members to follow
  • Brings individual workers together to satisfy deadlines and work efficiently as one
  • Creates an environment of peace among the teammates where each thrives in their capabilities
  • Enthusiastically performs tasks that are outside the job description to ensure company goals are met on time

Cooperation with colleagues: Meets Expectations Phrases

  • Always works with others to ensure deadlines are met and quality work delivered
  • Concerned with how work scheduling is done to avoid overcrowding some employees
  • Highly efficient timekeeper ensuring projects are delivered within the set deadlines
  • Respects authority from the team leaders, supervisors as well as managers
  • Holds respect for coworkers thus creating a peaceful atmosphere in the workplace
  • Leads others to embrace challenging projects that no one wants to work on
  • Can be trusted to lead the group without the team leader around
  • Satisfies both the management's requirements and the company's as well
  • Very open to correction and communication both from coworkers and management
  • High performance on group tasks given without waiting for someone else to handle them

Cooperation with colleagues: Needs Improvement Phrases

  • Does not allow team members to help in other departments
  • Always focused on the do it alone projects forgetting the ability of teamwork
  • Does not support the team spirit nor the company policies
  • Always the last person to offer assistance or help out when asked to
  • Does not share critical information with co-workers because of fear of marginalization
  • Always competes with the coworkers instead of working in harmony
  • Does not commit work to the team in line with the organizational goals
  • Shows a dislike of working with others on any given project
  • Always shouts others down when they try to offer their opinions
  • Is shy and afraid to speak up their mind in a team meeting

Cooperation with colleagues: Self Evaluation Questions

  • Are you open to criticism both from management and coworkers?
  • Do you cultivate a team spirit through all forms of communication?
  • Are you willing to reconcile when a conflict occurs in the workplace?
  • Can you be relied upon to lead the team without the management following up?
  • Are you available when your team needs you to finish tasks?
  • Do you take delegations from your team leader with the same seriousness as you take one from the manager?
  • What are your strengthens and how do you utilize them in the group?
  • What weaknesses have you noticed and how are you working on them?
  • Do you deserve a promotion gauging from the work you have done as a team?
  • What can your team say concerning your work ethics and manners?

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