Management Control: Use these sample phrases to craft meaningful performance evaluations, drive change and motivate your workforce.

Management Control is a system that collects and uses the information to evaluate the performance of different organizational resources like the financial, physical and the organization performance as a whole.

Management Control: Exceeds Expectations Phrases

  • Always does a great job leading by example, others want to follow such leadership
  • Focuses on the development of others rather than personal gain by putting their needs first
  • Good at identifying and rewarding staff achievements without showing favoritism
  • Provides the necessary structure, direction, and feedback to all the employees
  • Supports the responsible staff in taking calculated risks that will benefit the business
  • Fully engages when listening to someone speak and gives full attention by maintaining eye contact, nodding and smiling
  • Creates a society of shared trust and care by serving with integrity, liability, and transparency.
  • Great at being able to transform the strategic vision into attainable action plans that are workable.
  • Respects others both in junior and senior positions thus building a culture of respect
  • Holds personal accountability for mistakes done just like any other employee

Management Control: Meets Expectations Phrases

  • Provides teams and individuals with the support they require to accomplish goals
  • Collaborates with the employees to establish a development path for the company to grow
  • Holds each employee accountable for their own results ensuring each remain responsible
  • Provides the teams and individuals with the required resources to attain results
  • Provides the required support during the periods of organizational change
  • Always ready to share information and knowledge for the joint development of the staff
  • Establishes a corporate culture of reliability and caring that flows to the employees as well
  • Acknowledges the accomplishment of employees and recognizes each person's contributions
  • Maintains an open communication process among the staff and management
  • Appropriately distribute resources depending on the priority of assignments given

Management Control: Needs Improvement Phrases

  • Be more accepting and understanding to the employees instead of treating them as distant and aloof
  • Be open to how the staff approaches the work processes to help them manage and complete their job on time
  • Balance out the drive with the long term development plans to motivate and encourage the staff
  • Provide structure and form to the employees to allow them to perform well rather than leave them without any plan to follow
  • Listen attentively to all the staff to understand their questions and their fears
  • Analyze situations carefully and gather enough information to make sure the judgment is sound
  • Hold meetings with the employees to understand their circumstances and personal need
  • Develop other members as team leaders to groom them for leadership positions
  • Encourage team leaders to hold meetings often to create excellent communication and collaboration
  • Hold more career discussions with the team leaders and members to map a development path

Management Control: Self Evaluation Questions

  • Do you network with other leaders to build key alliances that could be vital to the growth of the business?
  • Have you identified any partner you can work with or become a key stakeholder in the company?
  • Do you communicate effectively with the teams and supervisors as a developmental cross-pollination in the business?
  • Do you encourage and nurture an environment of trust and respect among the groups and individuals?
  • Do you encourage ideas by inspiring team members and supervisors to become more innovative and engaging?
  • Do you allow employees to seek your advice about matters concerning them both personal and professional?
  • Are you able to learn from other people's influence, decisions and adjust your management style to the learned tricks?
  • Do you appreciate the many different ways that projects can be accomplished except the one you have set?
  • Do you balance your personal life and work life in a way that your employees admire?
  • Do you volunteer for leadership positions offered in your company without looking at your job description?

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