Discover this employee performance report template with sample text to ease your report making and make it seamless..

Employee performance report template with sample text

Evaluation of employees is a crucial aspect of any business. It tells you how your employees are performing currently and it informs best ways of improving their performance in the future. As the human resource officer, you need to produce a performance report for each employee. You can use an employee performance template to ensure you include all the necessary elements. Below is an employee performance report template:

Personal and company details

The upper part of the employee performance report should include the personal details of the employee and the company’s logo and name.


Position held:

Job reference number:

Performance criteria

This section includes all the performance parameters, which are used to conduct a 360 evaluation. It can include both positive and negative feedback. Besides, other rating scales could also be used.

Punctuality and attendance

  1. Positive -Comes to work early at all times
  2. Positive - Attends all the team meetings
  3. Negative - Leaves from work multiple times without convincing explanation
  4. Negative - Always late for work and takes several breaks throughout the day
  5. Positive - Drives focused meetings and within the set time


  1. Positive - Communicates changes to other employees candidly
  2. Positive - Have open communication with the team members
  3. Positive - Asks for feedback to ensure that they perform their tasks explicitly
  4. Negative - Crew complains that the employee tends to withhold certain information
  5. Negative - Does not take feedback from colleagues and superiors well

Creativity and Innovation

  1. Positive - Shows how their creativity and innovation contributes to the organization’s performance
  2. Negative - Creates an environment that derails creativity and innovation
  3. Negative - Hesitant to embrace new ideas
  4. Positive - Utilizes their innovative skills to drive the success of their team
  5. Positive - Uses great ability to manage problems that would otherwise appear complicated to others


  1. Positive - Depicts a high level of cooperation with team members
  2. Negative - Needs to work on their ability to cooperate with their colleagues
  3. Negative - Often have problems with the supervisor
  4. Positive - Displays a positive attitude when working with their crew
  5. Positive - Creates an environment where everyone feels free to share their ideas and thoughts

Customer satisfaction

  1. Positive - Goes out of their way to please customers
  2. Positive - Resolves customer issues effectively
  3. Negative - Fails to prioritize customers
  4. Positive - Overcomes clients’ objections amazingly
  5. Negative - Does not take the initiative to follow up customers

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