Use this sample and step by step explanation for setting meaningful and inspiring employee performance goals for a director of compliance.

A director of compliance is tasked with ensuring that the company complies with the legal requirements, develops policies, and takes charge of the legislative affairs. He/she ensures that the company's policies are current, accurate and they comply with the regulations of the state as well as reviewing and updating policies as there are changes in the law.

In terms of other duties he/she will get to; develop compliance organizational strategies through research, analysis and recommendations, protect company assets by establishing compliance standards, attract new clients through constant improving of compliance systems, enforcing new regulations and recommendations and ensuring that all compliance activities are in line with all standard procedures, rules, and regulations.

Employee Performance Goals Sample

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  1. Setting Goals: List specific goals in the space provided below each competency under "Performance Goals". Assign an appropriate timeline for each goal as well as numeric or financial terms to measure the goal.
  2. Employee Comments: The employee must comment next to each goal under "Employee Comments" with "Okay" for goals which he/she feels comfortable working with, and "Needs Clarification" for goals which he/she believes need to be discussed further. An employee who is comfortable with all the goals can sign the goals at this stage.
  3. Summary: Give a summary of the total time estimated for the employee to have achieved the goals. State action plans and specific milestones to track the goals. Any additional comments agreed between the employee and the supervisor should be noted here.
  4. Human Resources Review: Human resources personnel must confirm that the goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. He/she must then sign the goals in the "Human Resource" section provided under "Signatures".
  5. Signatures: When discussion of the goals has been completed and consensus has been reached, sign the goals and let the employee sign too. Send the final copy to the human resources for inclusion in the employee's professional records.

Performance Goals for Next Period

Performance Goals

Employee Comments


Strive to learn new tact of handling and closing negotiation process.

Come up with solid solutions and help other people understand my views in a clear manner.

[employee comments goal]

To prepare adequately at all times before going for any interview.

Show great enthusiasm and positivity before, during and after the interview process.

[employee comments goal]

Ask participants to state their own purpose in doing this work and articulate what excites them about the future of the company

Monitor the progress of a strategic plan once it has been implemented in order to evaluate its effectiveness

[employee comments goal]

Consider the importance of working in teams and their requirements to function successfully

Adopt supportive and assertive approaches to resolving conflicts within the team

[employee comments goal]

Feel free to express feelings and desires and encourage others to do the same

Explore alternative solutions to problems and look for ways to prevent them in future

[employee comments goal]

Look for ways to help colleagues who are hurting and in distress

Stop giving in to negative thinking but challenge the negative thoughts by looking for evidence against them

[employee comments goal]

Learn to make promises and keep them in order to avoid losing one's own credibility, dependability, and integrity

Be faithful and learn to keep other employees secrets in order to build a strong working relationship and a strong team

[employee comments goal]

Get rid of temptations such as social media apps in order to become more disciplined and focus on what is important

Believe that one's goal is doable and that one has the skills needed to accomplish it

[employee comments goal]

Set measurable objectives in order to know when one is making progress and whether or not one is on the right track

Work closely with underperforming team members in order to identify where the problem is and try to solve it in order to make them more productive

[employee comments goal]

Develop more confidence when going against the majority and when doing something new and different

Put more effort in analyzing situations, conduct research, compile data, and make conclusions based on facts obtained from the research

[employee comments goal]


Sections 1-2: To be completed by the supervisor

Section 3: To be completed by the employee

1. Goals completed since last performance feedback

2. Goals for next period

3. Employee comments


I acknowledge that I discussed this performance feedback with my supervisor. My signature does not mean that I agree or disagree with this appraisal.
Employee: Date:
Supervisor: Date:
Human Resources: Date:

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