Use this sample and step by step explanation for setting meaningful and inspiring employee performance goals for an operations and maintenance manager.

An Operations and Maintenance Manager is responsible for directing the maintenance and repair activities as well as overseeing the production of goods and provision of services. This position also ensures that the organization is running smoothly meeting the expectations and needs of the customers and clients.

The duties of this post include monitoring and investigating the current system of production or requirement to check its effectiveness, working out a strategy for improving the production systems, planning and controlling change, managing quality assurance programs, overseeing inventory, distribution of goods and facility layout, researching new technologies and alternative methods of efficiency, setting and evaluating budgets and managing costs, planning, directing, assigning and supervising the subordinate staff.

Employee Performance Goals Sample

Employee's Name: Title:
Review Period: __/__/__ to __/__/__ Employee SSN:
Work Location: Supervisor's Name:


  1. Setting Goals: List specific goals in the space provided below each competency under "Performance Goals". Assign an appropriate timeline for each goal as well as numeric or financial terms to measure the goal.
  2. Employee Comments: The employee must comment next to each goal under "Employee Comments" with "Okay" for goals which he/she feels comfortable working with, and "Needs Clarification" for goals which he/she believes need to be discussed further. An employee who is comfortable with all the goals can sign the goals at this stage.
  3. Summary: Give a summary of the total time estimated for the employee to have achieved the goals. State action plans and specific milestones to track the goals. Any additional comments agreed between the employee and the supervisor should be noted here.
  4. Human Resources Review: Human resources personnel must confirm that the goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. He/she must then sign the goals in the "Human Resource" section provided under "Signatures".
  5. Signatures: When discussion of the goals has been completed and consensus has been reached, sign the goals and let the employee sign too. Send the final copy to the human resources for inclusion in the employee's professional records.

Performance Goals for Next Period

Performance Goals

Employee Comments


To show the willingness to learn more skills on how to improve my interview success chances.

Show great enthusiasm and positivity before, during and after the interview process.

[employee comments goal]

Properly evaluate my options by looking into all possible outcomes.

To be prepared at all times to change strategy or tact when things seem not to work.

[employee comments goal]

Make it part of the team's responsibility to consistently document notes and steps for any recurring work they do for the company or clients

Pair up team members in order to help them communicate effectively and share problems and solutions

[employee comments goal]

Ensure that your entire workforce is participating in training to support them

Use diverse methods to educate the workforce to bring out their potential

[employee comments goal]

Be willing to improve the quality of performance by taking on training

Seek new opportunities that challenge the capability to a new level of performance

[employee comments goal]

Manage time wisely to get much accomplished within a short time

Negotiate with each other before making major decisions that will affect others

[employee comments goal]

Be specific and realistic about what one wants to achieve in order to remain committed to achieving it

Write down each milestone with steps to take for each in order to make them achievable

[employee comments goal]

Shop around before purchasing a product in order to get a better pricing and save on operation costs

Take a look at the company's expenses over a period of time and cancel dormant services and contracts

[employee comments goal]

Understand how to document, manage, and assess project risks and develop mitigation and contingency plans

Be able to keep the project moving towards completion even when facing aggressive schedules or discouraging developments

[employee comments goal]

Dedicate more resources for supporting diversity and always communicate the value of diversity

Encourage implementation of effective strategies that can attract a more diverse pool of applicants for vacant positions

[employee comments goal]


Sections 1-2: To be completed by the supervisor

Section 3: To be completed by the employee

1. Goals completed since last performance feedback

2. Goals for next period

3. Employee comments


I acknowledge that I discussed this performance feedback with my supervisor. My signature does not mean that I agree or disagree with this appraisal.
Employee: Date:
Supervisor: Date:
Human Resources: Date:

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