Use this sample and step by step explanation for setting meaningful and inspiring employee performance goals for an accounting clerk.

An accounting Clerk is responsible for providing support to the accounting managers and supervisors within the company while ensuring that the corporation's daily accounting functions are run accurately and efficiently without any fault.

Other duties include: keeping and updating financial records, preparing reports as well reconciling bank statements, keying in daily worksheets to the general ledger, updating files with complete information, handling accounts payables, assisting the accounting personnel, compiling and sorting invoices and checks, keeping and updating all records for charges and refunds, researching, tracking and resolving all the accounting problems, providing front desk customer service and matching invoices to work orders.

Employee Performance Goals Sample

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Review Period: __/__/__ to __/__/__ Employee SSN:
Work Location: Supervisor's Name:


  1. Setting Goals: List specific goals in the space provided below each competency under "Performance Goals". Assign an appropriate timeline for each goal as well as numeric or financial terms to measure the goal.
  2. Employee Comments: The employee must comment next to each goal under "Employee Comments" with "Okay" for goals which he/she feels comfortable working with, and "Needs Clarification" for goals which he/she believes need to be discussed further. An employee who is comfortable with all the goals can sign the goals at this stage.
  3. Summary: Give a summary of the total time estimated for the employee to have achieved the goals. State action plans and specific milestones to track the goals. Any additional comments agreed between the employee and the supervisor should be noted here.
  4. Human Resources Review: Human resources personnel must confirm that the goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. He/she must then sign the goals in the "Human Resource" section provided under "Signatures".
  5. Signatures: When discussion of the goals has been completed and consensus has been reached, sign the goals and let the employee sign too. Send the final copy to the human resources for inclusion in the employee's professional records.

Performance Goals for Next Period

Performance Goals

Employee Comments


Be conscious of keeping the work related items in an organized way to allow for easy access.

Strive to learn new techniques and skills that will help improve an organized workplace area.

[employee comments goal]

To prepare and use visual aids more appropriately while making presentations.

Carry out proper audience analysis to have an effective presentation.

[employee comments goal]

Adapt to new technology and innovative ways of using it to solve problems.

To be proactive in leading and responding to the changes around me.

[employee comments goal]

Demonstrate a flexible leadership style that is friendly and helpful

Develop a managerial style that seeks to honor and respect each employee for their worth

[employee comments goal]

Do not overlook any alarming or risky sign that shows in any employee

Think through every decision to determine if it caters for all employees

[employee comments goal]

Set consistent goals that can be easily achieved without much stress

Receive feedback and labor for it to become a better employee

[employee comments goal]

Manage time wisely to get much accomplished within a short time

Make use of the learning materials or coaching lessons to become more efficient

[employee comments goal]

Take new projects or classes that will help grow one's skills and help find happiness in one's job

Plan one's own time and create a to-do list that will help one prioritize and meet work deadlines

[employee comments goal]

Organize the key information into checklists and check tasks off once they are accomplished in order to avoid mixing them up

Learn the way behind what one is supposed to do in order to put the pieces together and make sense in one's tasks

[employee comments goal]

Make a list of what needs to be done and when it needs to be done instead of just jumping in and hoping for the best

Make a chart of the steps one needs to take to solve a situation in order to see how everything fits together

[employee comments goal]


Sections 1-2: To be completed by the supervisor

Section 3: To be completed by the employee

1. Goals completed since last performance feedback

2. Goals for next period

3. Employee comments


I acknowledge that I discussed this performance feedback with my supervisor. My signature does not mean that I agree or disagree with this appraisal.
Employee: Date:
Supervisor: Date:
Human Resources: Date:

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