Flexibility: Use these sample phrases to craft meaningful performance evaluations, drive change and motivate your workforce.

Flexibility is an important skill that allows employers and employees to make an arrangement about working on maintaining a work/life balance to help organizations improve the productivity and efficiency of their balance.

Flexibility: Exceeds Expectations Phrases

  • Handles each task with ease no matter how difficult the situations are
  • Understands how to navigate through the changes and provide high-quality work
  • Ability to cope with others and support each other in challenging projects
  • Encourages others to take the initiative when any window of opportunity is open
  • Quickly adapts to new surroundings and changes though many find it hard to adjust
  • Acknowledges and recognizes any proposal from the management for change
  • Appreciates positive comments and criticism working in the areas mentioned
  • Very flexible in times of immediate change or urgent project deliveries
  • Initiates and adopts appropriate methods that are compliant with work policies to efficiently perform duties
  • Persuades others to keep calm and keep the focus on the primary goals

Flexibility: Meets Expectations Phrases

  • Embraces change with renewed energy to work hard and deliver as per requirements
  • Adapts well to changing schedules and help others calm down in times of stress
  • Have satisfactory standards of flexibility and proves to be of great use in such times
  • Handles any change that comes in the protocol with ease and makes suggestions on how to improve them
  • Consistently maintains composure during times of stress and helps others do the same
  • Struggles with tasks that are not part of the job descriptions to see them completed at the right time
  • Knows how to remain calm and composed under the stressful situations
  • Always knows how to apply new and more efficient approaches to making a better team
  • Quick in adjusting to change in the performance of duties
  • Persuades others to keep calm in time of storms and focus on the primary goals

Flexibility: Needs Improvement Phrases

  • Micromanages assignments allowing little or no deviation to help complete tasks quickly
  • Steps on everyone's toes in trying to manage the team given
  • Struggles to adapt to bigger changes at work that affect the whole department
  • Struggles to accept new work assignments and training on handling new jobs
  • Easy to get depressed if the results of the work done are wrong
  • Rarely helps others in their department or research based activities
  • Neglects the less important tasks and does not give them much thought
  • Not consistent in following the job descriptions given ending up not understanding what to do
  • Late in executing new plans or projects, therefore, late deliveries
  • Unable to handle any concerns for the project leaving everything to the manager

Flexibility: Self Evaluation Questions

  • Are you adaptable to a new working environment with new people?
  • Are you a fast learner willing to research and learn new tricks quickly?
  • Do you execute tasks promptly or are you always late?
  • Are you flexible enough to take on new urgent tasks that do not originally belong to you?
  • Are you aware of any negligence found in you that is bringing other's down?
  • What areas are you supposed to work on to become better?
  • Are you able to handle project concerns that are required to complete projects?
  • Do you handle all tasks with the seriousness they deserve do you take some for granted?
  • Are you able to handle more than one task within a given period?
  • Are you consistent in following the descriptions given to finish tasks?

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