Discover the steps applied during the screening process to galvanize the entry of new workers in your organization

Employee screening process. 8 useful steps

Every organisation has a procedure that must be followed when hiring new staffs. Employee screening process is the method of putting the right people in the right position through checking their qualifications. A successful selection process can only be possible only if the is a candidate matching the requirements. Having the best employee will result in increased productivity within the firm.

The Hiring process can be a tense process for both sides. Understanding the employee screening process can be a blessing, however, if you make a mistake it can be disastrous. The Employee screening process usually involves the following steps.

Define a position.

Before making a hire, the employers must determine what position needs filling. The manager or human resource commission a committee which look at the position that is vacant and need a new employee.

Determining the Qualification

The second and most crucial step involves identifying the duties and responsibility to performed at that position. The job specification defines the type of skills and also the job knowledge required by the employee to adequately function at the position.


Once an area has been identified, the manager publishes the post in the newspaper or even places ads online. In most of the cases, employers use the headhunt, advertising a position based on the position to be filled. For example Sales and marketing position.

Initial screening

Initial screening involves the reviewing process. The company will receive hundreds of letters for people who want to fill that position. The manager will review the different resumes sent finding the people that exceed qualifications. However, the company must find a realistic number of candidates that they should ask to come for an interview.

Reference Screening

The next step usually involves screening interview. This especially if the employee leaves out of town, some background checks on education background, criminal checks and employment history are checked. Phone calls may be used to reference information given to the client.


The most crucial point during an interview is a face to face meeting. However, this process is done as the company policy stipulate. In most cases, some company have a whole day to conduct the interview while in other situations, two days are set.


During face to face interview, the manager takes down some notes. He later checks the records and to choose the employee who he thinks fits most for the position.


This process is not common in all industries. However, before the actual hiring, the employer may conduct some test such as drug test, personality test, etc. to confirm they made the right choice.

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