An effective employee training survey questions can measure employees' attitudes, feedback, and satisfaction at the end of a training session. Employee training survey questions will assist you with the necessary steps required to provide quality training that will have a positive impact on your organization. With the survey questions at hand, you will recognize the areas that need improvement. The feedback given back by the employee helps in improving future training and result in a better productive workplace.  The following are Employee training survey questions in categories that will ensure satisfaction in a working environment.

Daily employee training survey questions

  • Was today training enjoyable
  • What did you learn today that you intend to anticipate in your work environment?
  • Did you understand everything in today's practice? Please provide an example.
  • What additional skills did you learn today?
  • Do you have any comment on today's training?

Post employee training survey questions

  • What are the key/ important things that you have learned during the training?
  • Was the training material covered appropriately during the training?
  • In what extent do you think the training will impact your daily performance of the job?
  • Was the training of great help to you?
  • Will the training improve your productivity?

Trainer skills

  • Do you think the coach used the material effectively?
  • What other ways do you think the instructor should use to communicate effectively?
  • Is there any particular topic you believe the trainer lack enough knowledge/expertise.
  • The instructor maintained a good eye content.
  • How did the coach relate with the employees?

Group observation

  • Did the trainer experience confusion?
  • During the case representation, how did the employees connect with each other?
  • Did the trainer have teamwork presentations?
  • What were the trainees supposed to learn during the training?
  • Did the groups achieve outcomes that will help employee at the workplace?

Training program

  • This organization should keep its current training program
  • I recommend the training to all employees
  • The institution should change the current program
  • Encouraged to pursue your career
  • Are the training programs delivered in a comfortable manner?

Employee attitude

  • Was this the type of the training you expected?
  • Do you think that the group of the employee trained was appropriate?
  • Did you hear/see the presentation clearly?
  • Were the topics of interest to you?
  • Do you have suggestions to improve the training?

Organisation question

  • The employee under training is given new task in the organization.
  • Are Pieces of training offered to all employees?
  • The organization encourages employees to share their training
  • The supervisor helps new techniques learned in training
  • The organization has the resources required to implement new strategies from training

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