Physical Abilities: Use these sample phrases to craft meaningful performance evaluations, drive change and motivate your workforce.

Physical Abilities is the ability of one's strengths and limitations that are also known as the individual resources to perform well at the tasks given.

Physical Abilities: Exceeds Expectations Phrases

  • Excellent in understanding the company's systems and processes that are put in place
  • Performs complicated tasks that require lots of lifting and moving with ease
  • Enjoys working with equipment that is involved learning new tricks on how to operate them
  • Leads a team of heavy lifters who run heavy equipment and machines with ease
  • Coordinates others in finding workable solutions to devices that won't perform
  • Expert in working with the new systems to upgrade older ones
  • Ability to understand and comprehend technology based programs used in the execution of tasks
  • Always the first choice whenever a person is required to perform new technology tasks
  • Provided with many complicated tasks but manages to achieve each quickly
  • Great experience at solving complications that occur during work sessions

Physical Abilities: Meets Expectations Phrases

  • Successfully applies knowledge acquired in the daily tasks that are undertaken
  • Excellent ability in learning and understanding key tricks on the new technology
  • Has great knowledge of the technology and knows how to implement it efficiently
  • Constantly chases learning opportunities to become better making operations easier
  • Successfully finds new effective ways to perform difficult tasks that nobody wants to handle
  • Is not scared to make periodic mistakes or take calculated risks
  • Requires only a little guidance to work on a new responsibility
  • Always willing to jump in and learn something new to help make work easier
  • Consistently watching for new measures to help the team overcome the challenges
  • Have physical abilities that favor the company in doing manual tasks

Physical Abilities: Needs Improvement Phrases

  • Does not like working on anything that requires physical strength
  • Overlooks details that are important in the day to day operations
  • Does not hold good knowledge of the machines or equipment to be operated
  • Fails to communicate effectively on the right steps of using a particular equipment
  • Needs more training sessions to improve the technical knowledge of important tasks
  • Does not have perfect skills as displayed on the job application
  • Unable to get along with new technology updates that the company systems use
  • Needs to get more equipped for the tasks that are ahead
  • Is not willing to do anything physical without others working on it
  • Does not use the latest systems in executing tasks making it hard for tasks to be completed promptly

Physical Abilities: Self Evaluation Questions

  • Are you willing to help out in tasks that require manual strength
  • Do you stay updated on the new technology that is in the market for the equipment you are working with
  • Do you help others to come up with workable goals for complicated tasks?
  • Are you well equipped for the tasks you applied for?
  • Has the company provided all the protective gear required to handle such tasks?
  • Are you physically fit to take on tasks that require human strength?
  • Do you have any health complications that the management should know about?
  • Do you communicate effectively to ensure adequate use of equipment or machines?
  • Are you keen to check every detail at the start and close of every day?
  • What areas do you think you need to improve on?

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