Use our step by step sample to create the employee of the year nomination letter

Employee of the year nomination letter sample

An employee of the year nomination letter includes specific reasons why the writer is recommending another individual either for recognition or awarding. This letter should also include details about the nominee's personality, job performance, character attributes, educational background, achievements and future goals. The employee nomination letter should begin by identifying how the write is affiliated to the nominee and in what capacity they have either supervised or witnessed their achievements. Bosses may recommend their employees for an award due to their hard work and promotions received or projects completed. A friend or a family member ay nominate a person due to their strengths like friendliness, selfless acts, volunteer, and hard work.

A sample of the nomination letter for an award

Simon Gait
7409 Tunnel Road
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

June 13, 2012

To Whom It May Concern

It is a great honor to nominate and endorse Mr. Jude Amos for the Longest Serving Award position. After thorough consideration and review of all the employees who have served in this company, his work record exceeds everyone else's. His record that includes punctual attendance, participation in social activities, positive attitude, and energy among others have shown that he has given this company more that we could ask.

Being the longest serving employee and having maintained a teachable heart al these years makes me firmly believe that he is eligible for this award. Mr. Amos joined us in June 2000, and today has remained the most essential and efficient tool for this company. Because of his qualifications we have been able to keep our accounts properly aligned. He has always been honest and authentic which led to him being awarded the most trustworthy employee of the year 2009.

Since he begun working for this company, we can identify how every shilling has been spent allowing us to make better financial decisions. Mr. Amos's perseverance and overall conduct are incredible. He is a source of inspiration and encouragement to other employees making him an approachable person to talk to. On countless occasions, he has been of great help to many of our staff who he has no business helping were it not for his kind heart.

I am euphoric to nominate this selfless candidate for this award because he deserves it. To crown him with this award will surely allow him to see that this company does not take him for granted. Recognizing and appreciating him for work well done is a great offer to give him.


Simon Gait,
Operations Manager.
The Home Depot Ltd.

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