Recognizing your employees' efforts can help to improve their productivity. Employee recognition themes are one way of appreciating your staff by putting more thought when recognizing them. With several choices available, it might seem almost impossible to find the best recognition theme for your employees. But not to worry, here is a list of ideas you can implement in your organization. Be sure to read on.

History theme

The awards can be based on recreated period such as the 50s or 60s. Suitable awards include:

  1. Long years of service
  2. Anniversaries

Motivational themes

The recognition theme is based on employees who motivate others with their positive attitude.

  1. Making the change we need.
  2. You are appreciated.
  3. Thanks for what you do.
  4. Indispensable piece.
  5. You make the difference.

Excellence theme

The theme is based on recognizing excellence in performance.

  1. The key to our growth.
  2. Leading by example.
  3. Great job.
  4. Excellence
  5. Leadership starts with you.

Recognizing attitude

For recognition of employees who portray positive attitude at work.

  1. My boss thinks I am great.
  2. Positive praise-recognition for a positive attitude.
  3. Exclamations- as signs of applaud.
  4. Your attitude rocks
  5. Thankful for your attitude.

Teamwork themes

The recognition theme is based on recognizing employee collaboration.

  1. Together everyone achieves much
  2. It takes a team to achieve.
  3. Teamwork makes a dream work.
  4. One team one objective
  5. A team builds each other.
  6. Cheer-tee - encourage teammates to appreciate the contribution of their team member by signing a company tee with an appreciation message attached.


Dedication themes

For recognizing employees who show commitment to their work and the organization.

  1. Happy anniversary- the event can be created to appreciate the years of service of a particular employee.
  2. Thank you for making a difference- the words can be engraved on a banner or a gift card.
  3. Go on starfish- this can also be printed on the desk of the performer.
  4. Making a big change.
  5. Thanks for driving change
  6. Wall of fame- have space where you can post photos of top performers so that their colleagues can recognize them easily.
  7. Spontaneous gifts- bring in treats for your employees when they least expect it.

Event themes

The recognition can be based on an event.

  1. Employee of the year event. Employees can be selected on merit and rewarded accordingly.
  2. Employee appreciation day. Different employees can be appreciated.
  3. Oscars/Red carpet for top performers. Top performers can be given an opportunity to walk on the red carpet when receiving their awards, just like in the Oscars.
  4. Trophy giving event- a traveling trophy can be passed from one award winner to the other.
  5. Dinner for employee recognition. Such an event will allow colleagues to recognize others efforts.

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