An employee is an important pillar in any organization. They are the reason for any firm success story. It's demoralizing for the workers to toil and give it all in an organization and yet end up not receiving any acknowledgment or appreciation for their contribution. As seen in most successful companies, when employees are valued, they are happy and work harder, produce quality work, and they stick longer on the firm. Here are appreciation gift ideas

work quality and quantity performance.

  • Sticky notes- write a thank you note and pin on the employee desk.
  • Off day- pass an off day to the employees, and give him the privilege to pick the day.
  • Formal recognition- write an officially sealed letter recognizing the achievement of the employee.
  • Face print- place the picture of high performing employee on the cover page of the firm.
  • Meeting recognition- appreciate the employee directly during the corporate meetings.
  • Monthly awards- awards are encouraging. They don't have to incur any cost as the employee can have longer breaks, flexible hours..
  • Conference and training- send the performing employees to training seminars and conference.
  • Invites-invite the employee to dinner. 

personal idea gift.

  • Birthday party- celebrate the employee birthday at work and surprise with gifts.
  • Flowers- with a simple thank you note.
  • Wall of fame- have a wall with pictures of the employees and their accomplishment.
  • Swap places- exchange with the employee for a day/week.
  • Recognize personal wins- celebrate the achievements of your employee outside the company
  • Family appreciation- take the employee family to a vacation/day out.
  • Concert shout out- buy concert tickets for the employee.

Team idea gift on performance 

  • Pizza party- invite them to a pizza party after work, to break the monotony of the office. 
  • Field day- give the employee a day off together in the field to interact and enjoy.
  • Every week Trophy- the trophy is allowed to stay with the employee for a week.
  • Creative day- let the employees have half the day off working on the project of their choice
  • Commute help- reimburse your employee bus fare for a week/month.
  • Holiday surprise- pay for a holiday for high achieving employees.

work product idea gift 

  • Double time- long lunch, extra breaks.
  • Free subscription- let your employees access a magazine or newsletter free for a week or month.
  • New furniture - replace the employees' furniture with new and comfortable furniture.
  • Provide brag board- it is useful to help the employee in a company to brag about their accomplishment.
  • Gift boxes-place gift on their workstations.
  • Tokens- give a token for any significant achievement.

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