Find out how you can write an employee recognition award letter and its sample.

Sample employee recognition award letter

An employee recognition award letter is a great and inexpensive way of appreciating your employees for outstanding performance. However, as an employer, you need to design a letter that will send your intended message to the employee and one that they will appreciate and remember for a long time. In addition, you can send it through email, but it will not be influential as when you send it using the organization stationery with a signature from the company’s top executives.

How to write an employee recognition letter

First, the employee recognition award letters are written to congratulate employees for their performance regarding productivity and quality. Hence, your letter must inform the recipient why are getting the recognition. You also need to demonstrate to them how their contribution has facilitated the growth of the organization.

Secondly, thank the employee and inform them about any gift, certificate or monetary award, which you plan to accord to them. If you intend to present them with an award during a particular ceremony, be sure to include that also in the employee recognition award letter. Remember to provide them with attendance details such as the venue of the party and time.

Lastly, ensure that the letter carries the signature of the employee’s manager and if possible the president or CEO of the company. This can impact positively on their motivation. It will also show that the top executives consider the employee as an important part of the organization. You should also mind the presentation of the letter. Let it be formal but interesting.

A sample of employee recognition award letter



Name of the Department:


Dear Mr. /Miss (Name of the person)

I on behalf of the company would like to appreciate your efforts and dedication in handling your sales. Your contribution has made the sales department successful within the organization and beyond. I personally want to thank you for being an asset to the department. Your efforts have made the team achieve its set targets.

We sincerely appreciate your contribution, and we encourage you to continue with the good work. We also invite you to the upcoming recognition award party, which will be held in the company’s conference room at 16th of October 2016 from 6pm in the evening. We will be awarding you and others with a recognition award.

On management’s behalf, we would like you to know that we value your commitment and dedication. Thank you for doing your best to ensure this company’s success.


Name of the sender

General Manager

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