Managers are critical to the running of business since they have the role of ensuring that the organization goals are met, and there is the engagement of employees. That is why they should also be evaluated using employee performance evaluation phrases for managers to ensure that they are performing as expected and to improve any areas that are not satisfactory. Managers are evaluated on skills such as efficient management of employees, achievement of business objectives, communication skills and ethical behavior. Below are some evaluation phrases that can be used in evaluating the performance of managers.


  • The department has exceeded the yearly targets under Jane's leadership.
  • Joe manages the resources under him effectively to meet the company goals.
  • Kevin has improved the performance of his department in just six months.
  • Luke achieves results even if the circumstances are not favorable.
  • Derik does not seem interested in improving the performance of his department that has been recording dismal results.


  • Mike brings out the best in his employees, which helps in improving performance.
  • Jude delegates duties appropriately to ensure efficiency.
  • Rose deals with employee fairly yet firmly.
  • Maggie has the respect of the employees. She also respects them as well which creates a conducive working environment.
  • John does not exude confidence in managing employees which make employees question his management skills


  • Jane knows how to communicate effectively with staff and management.
  • Tom gives clear instructions to the employees.
  • Mark frequently meets with the managers of other departments to coordinate their activities.
  • Lucy's communication skills have improved over the year, and she has become an effective communicator.
  • Jack does not raise pertinent issues occurring in his department, which affects its productivity.

Team building

  • Mike has excellent team building skills that have enabled him to build a strong team.
  • Lucy delegates tasks to his team members effectively.
  • Jane knows how to utilize the skills of each of the team members which enables them to complete a project successfully.
  • Mark's team building skills help him to get the best out of each member of the team to enhance productivity.
  • Mary lacks the skills to manage the team which leads to low output.

Employee evaluation skills

  • Rose evaluates the employees without bias and accurately.
  • Mark knows how to measure the potential of employees.
  • June assesses the performance of the employees accurately.
  • Ruth gives clear and concise feedback to employees about their performance.
  • Employees always complain that Lenah does give an accurate feedback of their performance.

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