Discover what skills you need to obtain and include on your resume to achieve a successful career

5 smart skills for your resume

If you are sitting in front of your computer wracking your brain and trying to come up with your complete resume, you must be facing a tough time. What is the most difficult area in writing your resume - many have said it is adding the skills that they have acquired in the past. Key skills always pad your resume and add a taste that attracts the employer to you. Recruiters are known to spend an average of six seconds before they make the initial fit or no fit decision on candidates. That's why your resume needs to strike out and catch the employer's attention in the first five seconds. So what skills would attract the employer to your resume? Here is a list of the most basic and important skills that your resume should hold.

Smart skills for your resume

  • Problem solver - Ability to research, find the cause of a problem and solve it would be a great asset to the company. Analyzing the problem, looking it from multiple perspectives as well as testing solutions are all skills of a good analyst.
  • Critical thinker - This ability goes hand in hand with the problem-solving skill. Critical thinkers can observe a problem or task and approach it from multiple directions. They can think logically about the problem and propose rational solutions based on scientific data.
  • Ability to see the future - Analysts can use historical data together with the current market trends plus the data analysis tools to predict the future of the organization. This area of predictive analytics is growing due to the combination of the exponential amount of data provided by connected devices and the machine learning with the rise of the internet use. Experienced analysts possess a sixth sense that is backed up by data that can be relied on.
  • Finder of opportunities - Opportunities do not knock on your door, they are uncovered. Finding out these opportunities provides critical data that drives the strategic decisions of a company. To discover these opportunities, you ought to understand the company, know the competitors, understand the market and be able to join the dots together to form a workable plan.
  • Optimizer - The optimization aspect of the analyst is a positive effect on the people around him. Analysts always make improvements that are based on insights that are derived from the data. Surrounding the organization with optimistic energy is what every employer looks for.

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