Use our template to create an employee of the month certificate to use in your business

Employee of the month certificate template

Certificates awarded to employees for work well done are such key motivators and create a lasting effect. These certificates can be tailored to fit the company's need in appreciating their staff. Some companies opt for monthly, quarterly or yearly certificates but all of them have to contain the same information about the appreciation of the employees. These certificates are meaningful making them feel important and recognized. They hold them dearly making them memorable all along the way; the reason many companies nowadays can afford to make harder copies of favorable material that will last.

What is contained in the Employee of the month certificate?

The employee of the month may come in whatever design that the company chooses, but there are vital details that must be contained. These details in their order include:

  • The company's name - The certificate must include not just the name but the company logo printed on it. Many choose to print the document on the company's stationery which already contains the stamp making it easier.
  • The body - The vital information that is necessary includes the employee of the month award heading. Use a bigger font than the rest of the body. The subheading should contain the text confirming who the certificate is being granted to. Insert a personal congratulatory message that you wish to send out to the individual.
  • Company seal/stamp - This certifies that the certificate has been duly signed and stamped by the staff's personal team leader/supervisor and the manager or the executive director. The seal and signature mean it is an official document.
  • Important note - You can always get creative with making each certificate unique especially if you are awarding some best employees. Sure enough you don't want to make them all look like it was just a simple piece of paper you are rewarding them with, you want it appreciated for its uniqueness at the same time surprise them with creativity. Get creative ideas, themes, fonts, color, designs, paper shapes, etc. to bring life to the certificate.

A template of the employee of the month certificate

Company's name
This certificate is awarded to
Congratulations on meeting the goals within such a short time and handling such difficult clients with such grace.
(This is only a sample text, include your version here).
Signed by ... (Team Leader/Supervisor)
Signed by ... (Director/Manager)

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