Find out the contents and sample of a library employee evaluation form.

Sample library employee evaluation form

If you run a library as a manager, you should evaluate the performance of your librarians, to inform your decision making concerning its strategic goals. While employee performance might seem universal, there are certain particulars which are specific to librarians. The bottom line is to assess the level of performance based on the job description of the librarian.

Contents of library employee evaluation form

To begin with, your evaluation should be consistent and transparent. Substantiating the rating scale is important. The scoring system should have numerical values, to ease the analysis of the assessment. Separate different sections with headings, for easy follow up.

Library job details

It is crucial for all employees to have a job description and a set of goals when they are hired in the library. The job description and the associated goals should guide the performance indicators you will be evaluating for a particular employee.

Include general indicators

While the job descriptions of every member of the library staff may be different, it is crucial to measure other general indicators to determine the health of the entire organization. Such common performance variables include the ability to cooperate with co-workers, attendance/punctuality, customer service, and others. These attributes are significant for the manager and the maintenance staff. Actually, no matter how best your librarians perform, they might ruin the business, if they do not handle the guests effectively.


An employee evaluation should also improve the employee. By examining previous and current performance scores of the employees, you should recommend actions to take to improve their weak points.

Employee feedback

This section gives the library employee to reflect on their performance. They can also use the platform to evaluate the organization. Make sure to leave ample space for the employees to state their opinions, concerns, and recommendations.

Library Employee Evaluation Form

Employee Name: […] Evaluation Period: […]

Position: […] Department: […]

Evaluator: […] Title: […]

Rating scale:

Exceeds expectations (E)

Proficient (P)

Below expectations (B)

Unsatisfactory (U)

Instructions: Use the above rating scale and the descriptors to rate each performance criterion.


General responsibilities and skills


Community and school relations

Participates in school and community activities

Works with others cooperatively

Complies with state, district, and campus policies, regulations, and procedures


Planning and organization

Completes tasks within set timelines and accurately

Maintains organized, up-to-date, and accurate records




Communicates clearly and effectively

Writes and speaks coherently and in an organized manner

Promotes positive interactions with the community



Job knowledge

Shows knowledge of job requirements

Makes recommendations and decisions based on data, knowledge, and experience




Professional growth and development

Sets goals based on feedback from evaluation process

Looks for self-improvement ideas

Demonstrates need for professional growth by attending   conferences and workshops.


Specialized responsibilities and skills


Effectively plans the library program to meet specific   needs

Trains patrons on using ideas and information in the digital learning platform

Determines library program needs based on state regulatory standards and institutional goals

Prepares and submits a proposed budget for library resources every year, based on   identified needs

Performance goals

General comments

Employee comments

Overall performance rating

ExceedsExpectations/Proficient/Below Expectations/Unsatisfactory  

I have discussed this evaluation with my supervisor. I have read and I have a copy of the form.

Employee signature/Date

Evaluator signature/Date


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