Planning and Scheduling: Use these sample phrases to craft meaningful performance evaluations, drive change and motivate your workforce.

Planning and Scheduling are the act of establishing a plan for a set of tasks that needs to be completed and including when they should be done.

Planning and Scheduling: Exceeds Expectations Phrases

  • Consistently brings outstanding organization to chaotic departments and all the projects
  • Organizes and plans projects and workload to prevent overlaps or gaps in responsibilities
  • Personally, coordinates work and the working area leaving no clutter in sight
  • Keenly plans and coordinates or both the long term and short term goals
  • Always helps others to develop and implement programs or urgent projects first
  • Files projects details systematically to avoid a mix-up in information
  • Establishes plans, policies, and practice that improve performance and productivity
  • Always well ahead of the scheme when it comes to progress and performance
  • Makes the real use of the technology to establish and communicate plans
  • Sets a high standard or expecting that others are inclined to follow

Planning and Scheduling: Meets Expectations Phrases

  • Supports the company plans with all the necessary documentation as well as filing them for future use
  • Communicates effectively and promptly about the plans adjustment or change
  • Uses a highly efficient organizing system to develop strategies without losing sight of the goal
  • Creates programs that are easy to implement for every employee without being cumbersome
  • Assists co-workers plan their daily workload and remain organized always
  • Carefully monitors plans and progress of the everyday schedule to see if it needs improvement of change
  • Regularly sets aside ample time to organize and plan the workload without favoritism
  • Develops new scheduling plans and systems that are workable to organize work
  • Does not leave any detail to chance rather takes everything into consideration
  • Strictly follows and stays on plan while helping other coworkers do the same

Planning and Scheduling: Needs Improvement Phrases

  • More concerned with being prepared than getting the job done
  • Uses an organizing system that is so personalized that it's incomprehensible
  • Uses a work area that is a giant mess making it impossible to find information required on time
  • Suffers from a lack of planning in every aspect of the work
  • Spend hours looking for items that should take seconds to find
  • Tends to make arrangements at the last minute mostly when damage has already occurred
  • Establishes unrealistic plans that cannot work for anybody in the organization
  • Assumes a wait and see approach on every project without taking any action
  • Waits until the last minute to determine the steps to take which in most cases fails
  • Commits to formulate plans and schedules then does not follow up on them

Planning and Scheduling: Self Evaluation Questions

  • Is there any area that takes additional time to plan and how do you intend to work on it?
  • Are there any new goals or responsibilities that you have assumed since your last evaluation?
  • What are those goals that require more skills in planning and decision making?
  • Do your planning skills need improvement or are they ready to go?
  • Do you have all the tools to help you plan and schedule the company's affairs?
  • Are you well versed with the IT systems for planning and scheduling?
  • What area can you help in the scheduling of time and workload?
  • How have you been of help to others in accomplishing goals within the set time?
  • What help do you require to become better in your planning?
  • Do you have a workable daily schedule that you consistently follow?

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