A sample appraisal letter is written to an employee to share with them their performance in writing. It is a platform that allows you to ascertain their results in a professional way just like in a one on one meeting. An appraisal letter is very meaningful to an employee as it is the ladder that monitors his success and also determines his increment.

How to write a sample appraisal letter

An appraisal letter is very sensitive as it communicates directly to the employer's feelings without you getting the chance to change its meaning. It is, therefore, important to make considerations with the words or phrases to use to communicate without injuring their self-confidence. This letter should:

  • Use professionalism when writing this letter - it is not a personal message but an official one describing important office matters. Focus on the performance and any other criteria that are beneficial to the employee.
  • The tone of the letter should be polite and formal - remember no matter what, choose wisely the tone of your letter.
  • The wording should make the employee feel contended after reading it - It should correct and exhort wisely.
  • The appraisal letter should be brief and concise.

A sample of an appraisal letter

Mrs. Rahab Richardson,
Administration assistant,
5th May, 2010.

Silas Gunman
Human Resource Manager,
Still Waters Enterprises,

Sub: Performance Appraisal

It is an honor for me to be the one to write this letter to you. I must commend you for being a great asset to this company due to your never failing dedication and commitment to your work.
Your performance card has shown significant improvement and achievement all through the year. You have always achieved your the set targets on time and even exceeded them in most cases.

The company has evaluated all your efforts and decided to reward your efforts with a salary increment of 40%. This increase is valid from the 1st of the next month. I will, therefore, inform the accounts department to ensure they input the changes immediately.

Besides the salary increment, the company has also decided to give you a fifteen day paid leave with a three-day vacation fully paid for by the corporation. This is a simple gesture of our thank you for work well done. We hope you will continue to enjoy working with us.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this appraisal, contact me in person as soon as you can.

Your's faithfuly,

Silas Gunman.

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