Employee productivity is crucial to the success of an organization, and one way to promote it is to recognize employee?s effort. One inexpensive means of doing this is by using employee recognition lapel pins. Not only do they help to motivate staff, but they also encourage employee retention and motivation. Knowing how to use the lapel pins effectively can assist in motivating your employees.

Employee recognition lapel pins are pins that can be attached to the lapel and that are given to employees to signify different accomplishments in the organization. For instance, they can be awarded after a successful project, job anniversary, successful training and best performance among other achievements.

When an employee is awarded a lapel pin, he or she feels special and is motivated to do more. They also take pride wearing it. Other employees also aspire to make similar achievements so that they can be recognized, which improves performance in the organization.

Why give recognition pins to employees

When an employee is recognized for their effort, they are encouraged to work harder because they know that their work does not go unnoticed. This helps to enhance motivation.

The employees are challenged to achieve more. For instance, if the lapel pin was for a new skill acquired or a new certificate, the employee can be encouraged to learn more. It also poses as challenge to other employees who may also want to advance their skills. High valued recognition pin can serve as a good way to recognize an employee who has dedicated many years to serving a company. This way, they will feel that their efforts did not go to waste since it has been recognized.

Using lapel pins is cheaper that other recognition methods such as issuing of checks, trophies and other expensive awards. The pins serve the purpose of showing employees that you recognize their efforts while also not leaving a dent in the company funds.

How to use employee recognition pins

How do you make sure that the employee recognition pins achieve the intended impact? The pins should only be awarded due to excellence for them to have a meaning. This ensures that employees put more value on them. It is better to award them during a ceremony so that the employees feel special and valued. For instance, a day can be set aside, or they can be given out during a meeting. This way, other employees will also witness and offer their congratulation messages.


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