Learn how to properly appraise the decision making capability of your employees.

Performance appraisal: 17 key comments on decision making

To great corporations, the managers or the self-managing employees are required to take decisions on their own. The decision-making ability of the first line managers or the employees is vital for the firm’s development and growth. The decision ability of an employee is tested now and then. However, active policy makers stand out from the group of employees. They capture the eye of the executives or managers.

The review that the employees get is, therefore, very integral to the motivation level of the employee. A right or effective performance appraisal would benefit the organization as well as the employee’s personal skills. It is important for the managers to correctly analyze and provide the feedback that helps the team’s behavior and values.

Following are some of the most commonly used terms that are considered to be effective and should be utilized by the managers for the purpose of providing a positive and negative performance appraisal for the employees:

Decision making – Positive performance appraisal phrases and comments

Elliot is always able to make the sound fact-based decisions for his team.

Allen can gather all the required information and make the decision that is best for the organization.

Steve correctly picks facts, works out multiple choices or solutions and make the brave decision for the group.

Sally is very objective in consideration of a factor a condition.

Rick can sideline his emotions and biases when making a decision for the group.

Brendon is not hesitant in making the right choices.

Sam is always decisive in difficult and challenging situations in the workplace.

Jimmy is very supportive and helps in making the right choice for the team.

Rob is courageous enough to do the right thing at the right time.

Decision making – Negative performance appraisal phrases and comments

Ron fails to apply practical approaches to the problem.

Jenny is very unsure and uses sophisticated methods to reach a conclusion or solution.

Adam is often unable to solve problems in a pressure situation.

Ted tries to avoid conflict at work and fails to make decisions when required.

Mark tends to make too many complaints when the industry is tight.

Jennifer fails to analyze the problem before working out the situation entirely.

Ron fails to tackle the problem at work with the open mind.

Jenny should be able to make sound judgments for her team.

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