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employee motivation letter

A company needs its workers to succeed. When employees give all their efforts to ensure the company succeeds, it ends up in them feeling drained. The only way to keep them excited and to feel wanted is to motivate them. A motivated employee always gives his best creativity and ability. There are many various ways to motivate your employees and sending them a motivation letter is one of them. A meaningful motivation letter speaks to the soul of the employee making them cherish the words they receive. Words speak deep to anyone whether written or spoken; they make you believe in yourself more building your self-confidence. 

An example of the employee's motivation letter

The South Region Sales Team,
The Rift Enterprises Ltd,
14 Durham Street
Eau Claire, WI 54701

April 2, 2014

Ruth Kimberly,
The Rift Enterprises Ltd,
8882 West West Drive
Onalaska, WI 54650

REF: South Team, you have made us proud!

Dear South Region Team,

We are happy to share that out of all the four regions; the South region sales team has done us proud by over-achieving the gross margin revenue targets that were issued to them at the beginning of the financial year.

As it was decided and agreed upon, every year each of the regional teams - the North, South, East, and West will be given some targets to achieve. Each team also received highly experienced inside sales team and regional account managers to help their respective regions win with high gross margin number.
Sales teams of 35 members each that are fully integrated were to meet the targets of 110 Crores. In return, the winning team was promised a Dubai trip, and the South region won it.

This trip is sponsored by Mr. Sam Harray, the Managing Director as a token to encourage and motivate the workers who go out of their way to meet and exceed the set targets. According to his wish, the regional head of South team along with al the accounting managers are included in this trip.

The team is planned to leave for Dubai in the first week of April for their five days, four nights holiday and we expect to receive them back by the end of the second week of April.  Considering all these plans, the winning team is requested to start making arrangements accordingly and decide on a specific date to make their bookings.


Ruth Kimberly,
Human Resource Department
The Rift Enterprises Ltd.

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