Employee appreciation notes are simple but meaningful notes that employers or managers write to their best employees appreciating their efforts over work well done. These notes no matter how small they may carry a deep meaning to the employee who knows he is appreciated in his place of work. Appreciation Notes motivate employees who in turn continue to give their very best without running out of the positive energy that drives them.

Examples of these notes are:

  • You are that role model employee that every intern dream of becoming. You are the company every colleague wants to hang around and the greatest asset every employer is happy to have. Keep it up!
  • Thank you for not just winning the awards for being the top best employee but also winning the trust of your managers! A significant achievement it is, and we commend you for that.
  • Our company is proud of you for being a perfect and ideal employee whose performance no one can measure up to. The company is proud of your efforts and is giving you a raise because you deserve it. Thank you.
  • Enthusiasm is a quality trait that cannot be taught or learned, thank you for being the life in the workplace no matters the situation!
  • Your hard work and professionalism have served as an example to many other employees who want to thrive in their career, just like you have done.
  • Your brilliance and excellence have made a stunning performance at the workplace that is to be envied. Thank you for bringing such qualities to our company.
  • Your efforts here were very timely and helpful and deserved appreciation. We are sure these efforts will fetch you more new offers in future.
  • Thank you for taking the time to volunteer at The Cook Light Company and for the experience shared with the staff. The Cook Light Company is grateful for you being a part of them, and they hope it is an excellent experience for you too.
  • We would like to recognize your many years of service in our company. Your team has been much better because of you and your tireless efforts that you put in. We appreciate the time you take to mentor your team, thank you!
  • Thank you for being that particular employee who takes initiative and assumes leadership every time your manager or supervisor is not around and submits to them when present!
  • Thank you for being a valuable asset to our company, a trustworthy subordinate to your bosses and a great source of encouragement to other employees!

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