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How to Overcome an Employment Background Check DUI Red Flag

Employment background checks are necessary if you are bringing someone in your company. These background checks provide the employer with information on whether the candidate poses any risk to the organization, fellow workers and to show if you are fit to perform the task or responsibilities given to you.  

Most of the Employee background checks include; Criminal checks, education, and work records. The background checks, however, are governed by the organization policy. Employment background check differs depending on the business, and responsibilities available.

When conducting Employee background checks, the employer may find Driving under Influence (DUI) convictions, and this causes a red flag. Many of the candidates think that the DUI will not appear in their checks since is a violation of the traffic rules. That is not the case. Many employers will conduct an employment background check DUI if the responsibilities you are choosing require driving the company’s car, handling sensitive information or handling children. In most cases, DUI checks should become part of the organization policy when most of the responsibilities involve driving; sales car’s driver, delivery truck drivers or a company car.

How to handle DUI with your employer

In some cases, a conviction record on DUI is likely not to affect your chances of landing a dream job. However, the employers may ask the question of your conviction or arrest. Here are ways that you can expertly handle the situation.

The Don’ts

Well, for an interview, you don’t have necessary to bring out the DUI conviction or an arrest story during the interview, unless the employee ask. The employee may request the question face to face or during the application forms. The key words are “DON’T TELL, DON’T LIE.” If you lie about the DUI and the employer find out later that you lied, the chances of you getting the job are ZERO.

DUI is common mostly in America, so your employee may not be shocked. When explaining about your conviction or arrest, make it short and sound apologetic. Make the employee understand how you felt sorry and the lesson learned.  Also give him some examples of responsible actions that you did later to show the employer you turning positively.


Another way to handle the situation is by expungement where you can seal your DUI record. It is legal all you have to do is talk with your attorney. However, the process can be time and money consuming. Once sealed it means that you won’t have to worry about conviction during employment background check.

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