Find out the essential skills that you need to be a high performing teacher.

4 essential skills needed to be a teacher

The teaching profession offers a great opportunity to change someone’s life through constant giving out of relevant information that enriches knowledge. As they say, knowledge is power. As a teacher, you are better placed to grow somebody on all spheres including their minds and even their personality. You need to have various essential skills for you to be an effective teacher. These skills include giving feedback, ability to solve a conflict, good presentation skill, and organizational skill.

Giving Feedback

As a teacher you will be required to give feedback to students, parents and even fellow teachers. Giving feedback requires great skill. Not many people are excellent in giving feedback, and therefore you need to practice a lot. When giving feedback, you need to be polite, assertive, use correct tone and facial expressions and not to appear rude. You should give feedback in a way that the message you want to pass across is well understood.

Ability to solve conflict

Students will engage in bad activities here and there, and you as the teacher will be required to solve these issues. You need to understand the root of the problem, analyze it and then come up with workable solutions to solve the problem. Conflict will also arise between you and your fellow teachers, and you should learn to solve them in a very amicable and professional way.

Presentation skill

It is one of the most important communication skill that is widely advocated for. How the teacher will deliver or present the learning content to the students will determine whether they grasp it or not. The mode of delivery should be fun and interactive. Too much note writing makes the lessons boring, and excess talking makes students switch off at some point. Teachers should know who they deliver their content so that students will be able to grasp it fully and comfortably.

Organizational skill

Being a teacher requires you to be very organized at all times. The information you will be giving your students should be organized at all times so that your students can grasp them and not be confused. With excellent organization you can plan your learning activities for your students in the proper way so as to be able to complete given content at the right time. This greatly avoids last minute rush and hence your students grasp the content well.

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