Create employee recognition comments to motivate your employees

Employee recognition comments

Employees need to be recognized for their great work and efforts they put in to ensure the company thrives. Whereas this is the goal for most businesses, it may not be accomplished if the words used to honor, do not drive the point home. It is not easy to find the right words to appreciate each staff individually with a distinct message. With some research, it is easy to find the phrase you need. Here we offer a list of recognition comments that will help you appreciate each one in a special way.

Examples of employee recognition phrases

  • Thanks for assuming leadership without being asked to and ensuring everything runs smoothly and complies with the company policy.
  • Your dedication and the winner's attitude have contributed profoundly to our success.
  • Your personal commitment to quality is apparent in everything that you do.
  • You are our company's first catch and an ideal employee in a class of her whose performance does not match any other.
  • Few people have a vision like yours, thank you for showing others an alternate perspective.
  • Your great desire and willingness to fuel our mutual efforts and lead us to success are outstanding!
  • The service you provide to all the customers exceeds all expectations and guarantees a continued successful relationship.
  • You have a unique ability to recognize and react to opportunities that result in personal and mutual success.
  • You have given this company a strong, unique relationship from friendship to mentorship to leadership. Thanks!
  • Employees like you make supervisor's life so much easier in managing work. Thank you for offering us an easier time in management.
  • If perseverance and integrity were contagious, everyone at work would be as perfect as you. Thanks for lighting up our days with your smile and hard work.
  • End of year awards is of no value to employees like you who perform at their best every single day of the year. Thank you for always giving your level best!
  • Your hard work has proved that employees can further their careers in this organization by becoming the best you can be.
  • Thank you for taking ownership of every project we have entrusted you with and turning it in complete within the set deadlines.
  • Your excellence in performing every task that you do at work is magnificent. Thanks for standing out.
  • Your ability to accommodate both easy-going and hard clients assures others of a successful relationship with all kinds of people. Thanks for being understanding!

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