In most organizations, giving the best employee a certificate of top performance is a tradition. It helps to recognize best performers while reinforcing the outcomes, which an organization intends to achieve from all the other employees. If you are yet to implement this recognition idea, you can start by reading about the employee of the month template.

Employee of the month template can take several forms. Actually, there are tens or even hundreds of employee of the month templates available. The sample template below uses fake locations and people just to show you how a good template should be. You can use your creativity to create a certificate that will make your employees feel appreciated. Lastly, do not forget to include the logo of the company. It is very important for the authenticity of the certificate.

Here is breakdown of the employee of the month template.

Title of the certificate

The title of the award to which the certificate is being given.

  1. Certificate of appreciation
  2. Certificate of recognition
  3. Certificate of completion – of a task or program
  4. Certificate of excellence
  5. Certificate of scholarship award

Personal details

The name, designation and the company of the recipient.

  1. Awarded to John Drek the Sales Manager at Monsoon Digital Services.
  2. Awarded to June Morgan the Human resource officer at Dikan Furnitures.
  3. Awarded in honor of Mr. Patel the hotel steward at Gregory Hotels.
  4. To honor Miss Katherine Raymond the receptionist at Mario Fashions.
  5. To appreciate Mr. George Greg the general manager Kalikhan Financial Bank.

Date, Day details

The day and date when the certificate is issued

  1. On Thursday Aug 25 2016
  2. On Friday 22 Jun2017
  3. On Wednesday 12 March 2017.
  4. On Friday 25 Sept 2018
  5. On Thursday 12 Feb 2017.

The award

Text indicating the effort being recognized

  1. For improving sales of the company by 10%, for leading the sales department to exceed beyond the company's targets. We appreciate you.
  2. For managing the human resource department efficiently, we congratulate you.
  3. By being the best steward, Gregory Hotels ever had.
  4. For having the best customer service skills.
  5. For improving the growth of the financial bank, we honor you.

Organization details

The name of the company giving out the award

  1. Awarded by Monsoon Digital Services, Canada.
  2. Dikan Furnitures, New York.
  3. Gregory Hotels, India
  4. Mario Fashions, Geneva
  5. Kalikhan Financial Bank, Japan.

Signature section

  1. Include signature of top executives of the company.
  2. The signatures must be at the lower part of the certificate.
  3. Two or three signatures will be enough.
  4. Ensure that the signature is well-put since it determines the authenticity of the document.
  5. Let the signatures stand out from the paper.

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