Performance evaluation at the workplace can be conducted by the HR officers and the colleagues. In some instances, co-workers are used for the assessment because they spend more time with the employee. What kind of feedback can colleagues give? It depends on various valuation items search on leadership skills, team building, communication and cooperation skills. Below is a list of colleague feedback examples:


  1. Sally’s communicates effectively with everyone at work
  2. Keith seeks immediate feedback to know if she has carried out her assignments as required
  3. Frank’s best strength is his amazing ability to communicate change to us in a calm and objective manner
  4. Jack tend to hold some information from the team
  5. Theo should learn how to embrace criticism

Punctuality and attendance

  1. Susan is always the first to reach the workplace
  2. Kim attends all the team meetings
  3. Ephraim is always late to work
  4. Heather takes more time than necessary to complete a meeting
  5. Often Jane takes long to come back to the office after breaks

Innovation and creativity

  1. Doug is always ready to take chances for the success of team projects
  2. Shannon has implemented multiple steps this year, which has improved the productivity of our department by 30%
  3. Kevin is often hesitant when faced with new information.
  4. Jena found a technique to solve the customer billing problem, which has been affecting the business
  5. Tim does not welcome creative ideas from his colleagues


  1. Shirley has cooperated well during the company’s difficult transition to merger
  2. Nelly always creates an environment that encourages inclusion.
  3. Jerry allows coworkers to contribute their thoughts whether bad or good
  4. Harry has been in conflict with almost everybody over the year
  5. Jim often bullies and intimidates coworkers

Goal setting

  1. Jane sets specific and measurable goals, which she has met so far.
  2. George can set objectives with his team members that lead to the success of the group.
  3. Jenny’s ability to set both short term and long term goals is an asset to the company and her colleagues.
  4. Terry does not meet targets she sets in group work
  5. Tom needs to work on his behavior of always blaming others every time he fails to achieve his goals and objectives


  1. John approaches all issues with a “can do” attitude
  2. Jim always finds solutions in difficult situations
  3. Kevin voluntarily work late hours to ensure the job is done
  4. Fred does not take chances when new projects arise
  5. Tasha does not have the confidence to start on new tasks

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