Onboarding employees familiarize a new hire with the company in areas such as culture, values, and its people. It makes them comfortable as they undertake their new role and understand what is expected of them. Many activities that can be used in the onboarding process to make it a success and have the new hire join the company in a fun way. Read on for some of the top onboarding ideas that will help you create a friendly environment that promotes team building.

Scavenger hunt. Just like finding hidden objects, the new hire(s) can take part in a game of finding information in an employee handbook or any company resource that is essential. This way, the employees can learn about the company in a fun way.

Welcoming ideas such as popping champagne or having balloons on the new hires desk. Show your new hire that you are thrilled to have them join the company by popping champagne, having pastries for everyone or decorating their desk.

Signature hunt. The activity helps new hires to interact with the other employees. The new hires are sent on a mission to get signatures from the current staff. This way, they interact and hold conversations which help with familiarization.

Group lunches. New hires can go to lunch with other employees or their seniors to help create new bonds away from the office.

A game show based on company policies. The game makes it easy for the new employees to understand the company's procedure in a fun way. Categories of questions are created based on these policies. The new staff is required to go through the procedures and policies beforehand so that they can be familiar with them.

Employee get-together. Whether playing games or out on a happy hour, the new hires can mingle with other employees as they are introduced to each other.

Egg drop. This is a game that promotes teamwork. Both current and new employees are given materials to build an item within a few minutes, which can protect an egg if it is dropped. The employees work in a stressful environment under the time constraint to achieving a goal.

Gamification of the onboarding process. Reading about the company, its history, culture, and policies can be boring but can be fun if it is done in the form of a game.

Assigning mentors. A mentor can help a new hire to become productive faster since they adapt quickly, and they are assisted to learn the ropes. The mentorship should go on until the new hire adapts.

Pre-boarding activities. The new employees can do some of the activities such as filling sign up forms, view company information, and answers to commonly asked questions before their first day. This way, they will have enough time for other onboarding activities when they report to work.

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