Discover the management skills that a manager requires to effectively perform management duties

4 essential types of management skills

As a manager you will be required to oversee a lot of activities in any given environment. Management requires you to be well drilled when it comes to certain skills. Managing human resource requires a certain set of skills. So for you to be a good manager, then you ought to have honed certain skills so that you can establish a good managerial career. These skills include team management, project management, conflict management and time management.

Team management

A manager is usually in charge of the employees in the organization, and together they join efforts to form a team. A manager is the team leader and therefore you ought to manage all those under you in the right manner. You will need to employ other key skills including proper communication, the delegation of tasks, listening skills and motivation skills. You should guide the employees and the team in the right manner so as to achieve great end results.

Project management skill

Being a manager, you will be in charge of various projects which will require you to employ your project management skills. As a good manager, you will be required to plan, organize, manage resources and form, guide and manage teams. With good project management skills you will ensure that project deadlines are met and that the resources dedicated to a certain task are used in the right manner.

Conflict management

There will always be conflict and you as the manager and overall leader you ought to know how best to handle issues that arise from the employees you will be managing. Conflicts within teams will in most cases affect the end deliverables of a project, and as a manager, you will be tasked to ensure it does not reach to that extent. You will be required to identify, analyze and come up with appropriate solutions to the various conflicts that arise within the team you lead. With that, you will be able to improve the productivity of your team hence good results.

Time management

Proper use of time is of the essence in all situations and good time management is key. One way to manage time properly is through proper prioritization of tasks and duties. This will ensure that you deal with the urgent matters first then finish up with the less urgent ones. It will go a long way in helping you manage time well by meeting deadlines. You also need to practice proper planning and delegation to achieve the set goals in the allotted time.

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